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  1. Grace Garrett says:

    Roy FISH Food Bank, Board Meeting will be held November 13 at 6:30 in the Roy Missionary Church Fellowship Hall at 309 Warren Street, Roy, WA 98580.

    1. How are things going with the Food Bank? I see Bethel has the mobile one that comes to the school weekly. Is that an option for you if there are more issues with your location this winter?

  2. Carol Bucholz says:

    SPARKS (Spanaway-Parkland Singers) meets every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. in the Fireside Room at Trinity to practice for performing at retirement and care facilities in the area. Most of us are retired and just enjoy singing. Come and join us. Questions? Call the Director, Sandy Freisheim at 535-9736.

  3. Grace Garrett says:

    Please take off the Roy Food Bank Meeting of the Board … The schedule has been changed up..Our next meeting is September 19… 6am…at the Roy Food Bank on 288th.

    1. Grace, was that a meeting that is in these comments or actually ont he calendar. I’m sorry I saw your comment after the meeting was held. When is your next meeting? Also, do you have any info to share from the meeting? Email me at

  4. Grace Garrett says:

    HI. Just for your info…the next meeting of Roy Food Bank will be October 24th at 6pm at the Roy Food Bank. There is a possibility that the meeting may be held in the Roy Mayors office if it is cold that day.
    Note: If weather is cold that day, we may meet at the Roy Mayor’s office in City Hall. We do not actually have a permanent location and our meeting location changes “on a dime”?

    BAKE SALE: In front of the Old Glory Mercantile on McNaught (SR 507) in beautiful downtown Roy on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 to raise funds for the operating expenses of the Roy Food (Bank) Pantry.


  5. Grace Garrett says:

    Forgive repeating myself…apparently my editorial skills are lacking today! Grace

  6. Grace, email us furth comment at when these automatically post, I don’t always notice them.

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