Advertising to South Pierce County

We are happy to see you have an interest in reaching the readership of The Pierce Prairie Post. We have been bringing local news to South Pierce County since August 2012. It is a very underserved news area of almost 225,000 residents from Midland to McKenna and including Graham, Thrift and Kapowsin.

Both the website and the email edition of The Pierce Prairie Post have a variety of banner ad sizes. Rates are based on monthly insertions (except a Flyer Ad which is per insertion).

If you want to start publishing your ad, or have more questions, contact Marianne Lincoln, Editor at 253-847-8000,

Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you.


See actual size of the following ad sizes here.

Ad Size                                 Dimensions            Special Introductory Rates

Leaderboard                     728×90 pixels            $ 50* / week

Wide Skyscraper               250×600 pixels          $ 60* / week

Lg. Square                          250×250 pixels          $ 25* / week

Banner (vert.)                   160×300 pixels          $ 30* / week

Banner (horiz.)                  300×160 pixels          $ 20* / week

Sm. Rectangle                   125×250 pixels         $  15* / week

Flyer                                    400×600 pixels          $ 45* / issue

* Plus $40 design fee (if necessary)
File formats allowed: JPG, GIF (animated or static)

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