The Pierce Prairie Post is a division of the Spanaway community Association. It is organized as a non-profit Corporation with an IRS  501(c)(3) charitable status as a public educational organization.

Serving the communities of Midland, Parkland, North Clover Creek Collins, Spanaway, Frederickson, Elk Plain, Rocky Ridge, Lacamas, Roy, McKenna, and Harts Lake.

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Marianne Lincoln, managing editor

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  1. Barbie Todd Gallagher says:

    Bethel Scool Districk, Five generations of my family attended Spanaway Grade scool, my Grandmother ,My Father, myself and siblings and my children, now grandchildren…Our family go way back in the history of Spanway, we are in the Spanaway Book, seen Spanaway grow.My Grandfather Owned Hememans meat Market on 168 th and B Street East. Mt Grandfater John Jacob Todd, was stationed at Camp Lewis, Now Ft Lewis. I know the history of Spanaway, Im very found and proud of it.. sincerley Barbie Ann Todd Gallagher

    1. Ralph Gallagher says:

      Barbie- I am also a Gallagher. My Grandfather was Claude Gallagher, married to Laura Konsbach? He sold Spanaway Lake Island for 10K during the Depression. My dad is Claude JR. and had a brother named Kenneth. My dad and uncle lived on the island in a cabin during there teen years. Do you have any info on the Gallagher Family I might be able to read. I’d sure appreciate it. Ralph Gallagher

      1. Great information Ralph. I have to ask if your family operated the reputed ‘still” on the island that many speak of. Along with the folks in Kapowsin and the well-reported operation on the Benston farm, the south Pierce County area was alive with “Tea Houses” and good parties during prohibition. Barbara was a Hermanson, her great grandaparents operated a general store in Lake Park at the end of the trolly line.

      2. Lincoln says:

        Ralph, did you ever get that information? Barbie passed away, but her family, the Todds may have more, her children are Gallaghers. If you email me, I can put you in touch.

  2. Ralph Gallagher says:

    Barbie- I don’t know about a Still on the Island. My Grandmother was Laura Konsback(sp) We visited the Island in 1977. My Dad and uncle stayed on the Island in a cabin and rowed across the Lake, then rode their bikes into town for school. My Grandfather (Claude Gallagher Sr) was a Union Electrician during the Depression. When they sold the island, he left the Family and traveled to India to Meet up with his two sisters that were in the Wild Bill Hickok traveling show. I have Pictures of them in his show. I hope some of this Info can connect some of the things that will give me insight into my Dad’s Family. I hope you can find something out….thanks, Ralph

    1. Ralph Gallagher says:

      Barbie, I did some more digging and found out that My Grandmother(Laura Kongsback) was the Daughter of Dr. Robert and Elizabeth Talbot both buried in the Settlers Cemetary near by. They were probably the owners of the Island or Property there abouts. They both emigrated from England in 1866. Let me know if any of those names ring a bell….thanks, Ralph

      1. Barbie ann Gallagher (Todd) says:

        Hi Ralph, I married a Gallagher, my former HUsband never knew his dad we searched for years so sad,His dads name was charles Gallagher, with brothers rex, jack, still searching….I was raised in Spanaway. My maiden name was Todd. wish i could help you more. sincereley Barbie Ann

  3. Daryle Howland Sr. says:

    Hi, to those of you at Post 118, My name is Daryle Howland, I am Retired Navy, just moved back to the area from Mississippi where i belong to Post 160. I work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and have been gone for the past 2 months. my last trip home i met a member of Post 118, (Rob/Ron ?)…gave me a business card with no. (that i have misplaced)…I would like to contact him, he had info. for employment opportunities for Veterans…..My cell number is : 228-623-7975….I will be in Spanaway until the 28th of May, then have to fly back to work in Louisiana (offshore)….Thank you to anyone that can help…..

  4. Brett Johnson says:

    I’d like to post an op-Ed about the Bethel bond on the ballot coming up. I’m a band teacher at Cedarcrest and we could really use some help from voters! Let me know if this is doable. Thanks!

  5. Brian Stromsoe says:

    We live in Graham, daughter lives in Roy, and we church in Freddie. I appreciate what you do as there is no local coverage anymore. Keep up the good work of sticking your nose in where it is not always appreciated.

    1. Lincoln says:

      Thank you. Volunteer work always appreciates hearing someone appreciate it.

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