High School Football Season Begins Friday, August 31

If you love the cool night air, the bright lights and the huffing sounds of young brute force running across the fields, it’s time for high school football again. Friday night will be the cross town rivalry game, Bethel vs. Spanaway Lake at Art Crate Field. At Franklin Pierce, you will find Washington playing against Lakewood. The first game in Yelm is Sept. 7.

You can find links to the high school sports schedules for the three school districts on the School News tab of our website.

Get out your seat cushions, alumni jackets and your colors, it’s time to cheer for our teams.


The Bethel Braves vs. the Spanaway Lake Sentinels was packed as usual. Spanaway lake scored first. At the half, they were tied at 21 to 21. Spanaway Lake was playing a passing and their receivers were catching. It was great to see them playing such a good offense. With 24 seconds left in the game, the score was tied 35 to 35; Bethel had the ball. With 11 seconds, Bethel was within 15 yards of the goal. They kicked and scored with 1.7 left on the clock, they pulled ahead 38 to 35 and won the game. It was a dramatic ending.

Spanaway Lake held it’s own the whole way through, it looks like it will be a great year for them. Compliments to the coaching staff. There’s going to be a great year of football ahead at Art Crate Stadium.

Here’s a link to the News Tribune coverage. Apparently they enjoyed the game as well.

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