Summit Waller Community Association

On Tuesday Feb. 5, the Post went to visit the Summit Waller Community Association at the Mid-County Community Center.

The agenda included the wood smoke issues and the fireplace replacement program. Apparently there are many issues with the program, the edict to stop burning is right when you likely need it most to keep warm. Also, the replacement program is underfunded and overly bureaucratic.

The group discussed their support for the Puyallup Bond issue, the election is Feb. 12. They are working to update their website and get out some information regarding a Waller Road cleanup day and their May 7 annual meeting.

If  you live int he Summit Waller area,  you are welcome to come out to the next meeting, March 5, and be part of helping to make your community a better place to live.

Below is a list of accomplishments and plans for the organization.

SWCA Accomplishments –Looking forward

The foundation has been put into place through years of dedication by many

  • Swan Creek saved from being a city land fill by the Haire family effort
  • Orange Gate park was saved from being a mobile park by many of the original SWCA Board
  • The Rural Separator zoning has been brought about and protected by the original SWCA Board members and several that followed
  • Pierce County Responds was initiated by the SWCA Board and won National recognition
  • The Rural Separator zoning was the first to designated as such in WA ST
  • This community sits at the apex  head of three water basins
  • The FPSD Farm was saved by the SWCA Board-FPSD Schools  use harvest for their school lunch program
  • The Pipe Line Trail became a reality in the trail system to Mt Rainier because of the SWCA Board actions
  • The SWCA Board has received two consecutive years of awards by the FPSD for its contributions
  • The SW Community is now reference by our County Representatives in a positive way
  • Surrounding communities look to SW for leadership and support
  • SW assisted in the first growth management plan being initiated for Spanaway- Parkland-Midland
  • Canyon Road expansion was minimized SWCA Board members in business build out preventing another Meridian disaster
  • SWCA has extended the communications and cooperation with the Mid County Community Center
  • SWCA Has attended meetings at the surrounding communities of Midland, Collins Clover Creek and Parkland-Spanaway

The past accomplishments have been largely reactive in nature

It is time to become PRO ACTIVE with new vision for our community

It is time to build upon the foundation and past accomplishment to preserve and grow Board participation within the community

  • The FPSD is one of the new building blocks that are available to the SWCA.
  • We need to continue to build the new-found acceptance by FPSD and our visionary input
  • The FPSD Farm program is one of two areas of influence
  • New technology at FPSD is a second area to build with
  • The two Parks are building blocks
  • The conservation outreach information is a building block
  • Our continued Rural Setting & Buffer assets are building blocks
  • Seeding for Grant Dollars for FPSD  is a building block (Offsets the low demographic population deficit for funding)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim A says:

    Very nice Summit Waller Community presentation and information-quick read-much content.
    Thank you Pierce Prairie Post.
    You are making a difference in Pierce County
    Wishing you all the support our Pierce County Communities can offer and produce

  2. JoAnn says:

    I am looking at buying a home off waller rd that is zoned Rsep can anyone tell me what that means? It is .9 acres and I have a horse and trying to figure out if that is an allowed use. Thank you in advance

    1. Waller is in an area called the rural separator. It has a low housing density compared to single family. Go for it, it’s much nicer to have the space around you than to be able to shake hands with your neighbor out the kitchen window.

  3. JoAnn says:

    Thank you for your answer. Can you have livestock on less than an acre in a RSep zone?

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