Happy Presidents Day!

Monday, February 18 is President’s Day and all the schools have the day off, as do government offices and banks. Some of you others probably still have to commute, but hopefully your commute is lighter on Monday. At least you won’t have to stop for any school buses.

If you live in the Franklin Pierce School District, you won’t have to stop for buses all week. There is no School, February 18 through 22 in the FP District due to Mid-Winter Break.

The Bethel School District had Friday off and students return to school on Wednesday, February 20. Those days are set up as snow make up or waiver days, so they don’t have to add length to the school year and foul your vacation plans if there has been too much snow that winter.

The Yelm School District has Monday and Tuesday off with a late start day on Wednesday Feb. 20.

For those of you that get one, have a safe and fun holiday break!


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