County considering closing road to historic Salcich Juntion in Frederickson

Gold area is proposed permanent closure
Gold area is proposed permanent closure

Proposal No. R2013-20, A Resolution of the Pierce County Council Initiating Vacation and Road Closure Proceedings for a Portion of 180th Street East in the Frederickson Area; and Requesting that the County Engineer Prepare an Engineer’s Report and Recommendation to the Council Regarding Said Vacation and Closure.

Sponsored by: Councilmember Jim McCune

Department Contact Person: Kevin Klegg, Economic Development; (253) 798-6639

Council Contact Person: Hugh Taylor, (253) 798-3665

Date of final Council hearing:  April 9, 2013

Hugh Taylor on the council staff noted the procedure for this road closure. This will affect 180th Street East in the Frederickson are from 47th Avenue to 50th Avenue. Hardie Lumber has proposed this road be closed and already had Heath & Associates conduct an impact study which has been transmitted to the County Traffic Engineer. The engineer has not completed his review. Hardie wants to expand this business across the street without having to cross traffic.

There is a proposed plat on the Randall gravel pit along 176th Street that includes and easement to extend 50th Avenue East all the way to 176th. Mind you, this extension of 50th Avenue is proposed and not a reality at this time.

A road vacation/closure is not required to pass through the local Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) or the Planning Commission. It passes from the county engineer to the County Council for action. It is a very quick and less democratic process.

The County Council Economic and Infrastructure Development Committee had a hearing at 9:30 a.m. March 26 on this issue.

If you live in Frederickson, particularly near 180th, you need to call your county council to get more information on future meetings and final outcome. Councilmember Jim McCune, the local councilman, proposed this closure.

180th Street turns and becomes 52nd Ave. which is where the old general store and post office called Salcich Junction operated. The building is still there being used as a residence.

In the 1960’s Shady Acres Airport tried to close a portion of 208th Street East for use of a runway and failed. The neighbors rallied and won to keep the road open. That is not the usual outcome. The U.S. Post Office did a vacation on Fir Lane by Elk Plain Elementary in the mid-1990’s. The one block street no longer exists, the Bethel Station branch sits on top of the road.

Here is the  line to Pierce County TV and the first meeting about the permanent road closure. Watch the proceeding and see if you think there is any room for the public’s opinion.

Historic Salcich Junction General Store and Post Office
Historic Salcich Junction General Store and Post Office at the end of 180th St.

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  1. Josh Magill says:

    This is an issue because this road is used by many when 176th is being worked on or other issues arise giving the need for an outlet off the northern section of 38th Ave. There is the road coming from 176th (51st Ave) that takes you along the railroad tracks to the Salcich Junction buildings, but the point is that James Hardie is more interested in their needs over the fact that this path is needed for residents. This should not be something that slips by without involvement from the residents, just because the big businesses have Jim McCune in their back pocket.

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