Help the Low Income Housing Institute win a grant


[Editor Note: Affordable housing is one of the most valuable commodities in a community. The more people that can have their own homes, the more stable the balance of the community can be. Here is an item received by the Post, it si helping Seattle, but Seattle is the only place in outr state in the running for these funds. Please help them score points toward this award.]
Linked:Seattle is helping the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), a Seattle non-profit, win $250,000 from Home Depot’s ‘Aprons in April’ program.

LIHI is the only Washington State-based contender.
Your daily vote (requires Facebook log-in) will bring jobs and housing for Seattle veterans.

As a thank you, LIHI will spend up to 1% of its winnings ($2,500) on a party with Linked:Seattle to celebrate their victory if they win.

WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS. But it will require group unity like never before. We estimate it will require 60,000 votes to win and – while we have 42,000 members – you know not everyone reads these emails or wants to add an app on Facebook.

So please vote often, spread the word, and let’s bring a quarter of a million dollars into our community.

That link again:

Email if you’d like to get more involved.
Your Marketing Help, Please: The Low Income Housing Institute will use email to raise awareness for the cause.
Take this one-click poll: to help them decide which subject line would have the most impact.



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