Our benevolent local non-profits boost local graduates

By Marianne Lincoln

One of the most amazing things happing in our community is also probably one of the least publicized. In fact, I believe this is the first comprehensive article ever written about it. I am speaking of the local non-profit organizations that raise money all year long in the Franklin Pierce and Bethel School Districts. The honorees here are the Parkland Spanaway Kiwanis, Altrusa of South Pierce County, the Parkland Spanaway Rotary, the Franklin Pierce Foundation and BEST – the Bethel Education Scholarship Team. It is also a member of the Kiwanis, Elizabeth Erickson, a graduate of Franklin Pierce High. Her story is in the link on her name. Together they awarded over $137,415 dollars in scholarships this month to students in the two districts!

It is truly amazing they awarded that astounding amount and also have created endowments to which they continuously add funds. This money comes from selling raffle tickets, happy dollars, auction events, spaghetti dinners, bequests, donations, and committed school employees who gift a portion of their pay to the funds. The benevolence is awe inspiring.  These philanthropic groups have been incredibly generous and selfless on behalf of our local youth.

We at the Post wish to tip our hats to you, the hard working and mostly anonymous individuals who gave so generously to the educational futures of our graduates. You are truly amazing!

You can find the contact information for these wonderful local organizations at the top of Post home page under ORGS, they can always use new members to help with their community service.


Elizabeth    Eriksen Scholarship
CHS Elizabeth  Eriksen Scholarship Cassie Babcock 1000
CHS Elizabeth  Eriksen Scholarship Christopher Kelsey 1000
FPHS Elizabeth Eriksen Scholarship Brandon Wesbrook 1000
FPHS Elizabeth Eriksen Scholarship Joseph Medina 1000
FPHS Elizabeth Eriksen Scholarship Micheal Choate 1000
FPHS Elizabeth Eriksen Scholarship Sasha Bruns 1000
TOTAL  $           6,000
Parkland-Spanaway   Kiwanis
BHS Parkland-Spanaway Kiwanis Antonette Graham 1500
CHS Parkland-Spanaway Kiwanis Kymberlyn Johnson 1500
FPHS Howie Clark Memorial Kuresmay Theth 1500
FPHS Harold Lemay Memoral Natalia Naputo 1500
Gates Parkland Spanaway Kiwanis Elizabeth Jones 1500
GKHS Hal Willard Memorial Brianna Brower 1500
SLHS John Woodman Memoral Christina Park 1500
SLHS Harold LeMay Memorial Joseph Shields 1500
WHS Parkland-Spanaway Kiwanis Anne Pomeroy 1500
TOTAL  $        13,500
FP   Foundation
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Aabbee Wheelock 1000
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Allison Rollins 1000
FPHS Franklin Pierce Foundation Allison Rollins 750
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Amy Smith 1000
FPHS Jose Alfaro Memorial Ben Schuessler 1000
FPHS McKaskie Family Courtney McLean 500
FPHS John Pedroso Memorial Hannah Morrison 750
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Julia Johnson 1000
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Mathias Palmer 1000
FPHS Emerson Nels Matson Memorial Rachel Jo Elliott 250
FPHS Doug Roberts Memorial Reilley Peirce 500
FPHS Superintendent’s Ricardo Castro Garcia 500
FPHS Albert T. Reihs Samantha Waage 750
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Samantha Waage 1000
FPHS Franklin Pierce Foundation Steffany Woods 750
FPHS Distinguished Navigation Stephanie Anderson 1000
FPHS Luara Kratochvil Memorial Victoria Cassidy 200
GATES Emerson Nels Matson Memorial Raven Oliphint 250
GATES Superintendent’s Shondel Mance 500
New Pathways Emerson Nels Matson Memorial Nehemiah Barrett 250
WHS Albert T. Reihs Brenna Iverson 750
WHS Distinguished Navigation Cady Dean 1000
WHS Dr. Shaun Carey Daphne Ealey 1000
WHS Distinguished Navigation Emily Herde 1000
WHS Parkland Light & Water Enyi Vargas 1000
WHS Emerson Nels Matson Memorial Halee Spencer 250
WHS Principal’s Jakajah Douglas 1000
WHS Superintendent’s Jesus Castellanos 500
WHS Distinguished Navigation Joshua Quinchocho 1000
WHS Distinguished Navigation Kegan Mulholland 1000
WHS John Pedroso Memorial Kegan Mulholland 750
WHS Distinguished Navigation Madeline Roberts 1000
WHS McKaskie Family Salvador Granados-Zuniga 500
WHS Blue Steele Coffee Company Sarah Kendall 500
TOTAL $25,200
Parkland   Spanaway Rotary
WHS Parkland Spanaway Rotary Michael Herdle 1500
FPHS Parkland Spanaway Rotary Colton Seaburg 1500
Gates Parkland Spanaway Rotary Nancy Pum 1500
GKHS Parkland Spanaway Rotary Brianne Brower 1500
SLHS Parkland Spanaway Rotary Christina Parks 1500
BHS Parkland Spanaway Rotary Antoninette Graham 1500
TOTAL  $           9,000
BHS Altrusa Antoinette Graham $75 to $1000
BHS Altrusa Ashley Clinton $75 to $1000
BHS Altrusa Elise Phillips $75 to $1000
BHS Altrusa Micayla Stephen $75 to $1000
BHS Altrusa Rebecca Tweedt $75 to $1000
BHS Altrusa Samantha Hooper $75 to $1000
BHS Altrusa Samantha West $75 to $1000
Challenger Altrusa Cassie Babcock $75 to $1000
Challenger Altrusa Christopher Kelsey $75 to $1000
Challenger Altrusa Kymberlynn Johnson $75 to $1000
FPHS Altrusa Colton Seaburg $75 to $1000
FPHS Altrusa Karli Victoria Floyd $75 to $1000
FPHS Altrusa Magaly Ortiz $75 to $1000
FPHS Altrusa Rachel Jo Elliott $75 to $1000
FPHS Altrusa Stephanie Renee Anderson $75 to $1000
Gates Altrusa Chantawry Pum $75 to $1000
GKHS Altrusa Amy Bernstein $75 to $1000
GKHS Altrusa Brianne Brower $75 to $1000
GKHS Altrusa Cassandra Solmonsen $75 to $1000
GKHS Altrusa Katie DeVore $75 to $1000
GKHS Altrusa Megan Kingsbury $75 to $1000
SLHS Altrusa Arelly Puerto-Montes $75 to $1000
SLHS Altrusa Arielle Asaidali $75 to $1000
SLHS Altrusa Gabraielle Thompkins $75 to $1000
SLHS Altrusa Ijeoma Nnadi $75 to $1000
SLHS Altrusa Jamie Widdowson $75 to $1000
SLHS Altrusa Seirra Hoover $75 to $1000
WHS Altrusa Alyssa Christofoletti $75 to $1000
WHS Altrusa Brittney Holm $75 to $1000
WHS Altrusa Enyi Vargas $75 to $1000
WHS Altrusa Jaqeline DiFranco $75 to $1000
WHS Altrusa Jesus Castellanes $75 to $1000
TOTAL  > $10000
BEST   Scholarships
BHS Antonio Terry Memorial/BEST Stephanie L. Bodus $500
BHS Bethel Education Fund Aaron F. Breen $650
BHS Antonio Terry Memorial/BEST Jim D. Brooks $500
BHS Evergreen Services/Ottoson Consulting Chloe Mae Martinez $700
BHS Bethel Education Fund Ashlee N. Christman $650
BHS Day’s Pay Contrib./Comm. Donations Olivia M. Clark $750
BHS Thrift Community Heather A. Clements $2,100
BHS Bethel Education Assoc./BEST Ashley M. Clinton $650
BHS Bethel Education Fund Steven M. Cortes $750
BHS Graham Business Association Zachary S. Epperson $1,000
BHS Paul Chalk Memorial/BEST Elizabeth D. Faragher $500
BHS BHS Alumni Decade of the 50’s Antoinette D. Graham $825
BHS Faubion Family Memorial Samantha J. Hooper $750
BHS Bethel Brave Kenneth J Iverson $500
BHS Bethel Education Fund Brittany O. Jessee $500
BHS Angelena Yeomans Memorial Kaila Q. Lebante $500
BHS Day’s Pay Contrib./Comm. Donations Emily A. Martin $750
BHS BHS Alumni Decade of the 50’s Anthony B. Martinez $825
BHS Bethel Brave Courtney Palmer $500
BHS Bethel Education Fund Jessica Paulson $650
BHS Fix Family Elise B. Phillips $700
BHS Promise Scholar Vikki Polyshov $500
BHS Earl Wallace Platt Sr. Memorial Bryce H. Pugh $500
BHS Debbie Davidson Henry Memorial Merrill-Lee Rasmussen $1,000
BHS Antonio Terry Memorial/BEST Christian T. Read $500
BHS Bethel Brave Myles D. Reed $500
BHS Jim Fairbanks Memorial Ian M. Rollins $500
BHS Bethel Education Fund Samantha K. Sandstrom $650
BHS Faye & Terry Whitworth David J. Schuller $500
BHS Tim Jacobs Mason C. Struna $1,500
BHS Elk Plain School of Choice Christopher P. Thompson $500
BHS Bethel Education Fund John D. Thompson $750
BHS Grahm Business Association Anthony L. Vellias $1,000
BHS Roy Elementary PTA Devon J. Welsh $500
BHS Ruth Foster/BEST Mason C. Wood $500
Challenger Bethel Ed Fund Cassie M Babcock $800
Challenger Bethel Education Assoc Jeremy R Hernandez $625
Challenger Bethel Ed Fund Kymberlynn R Johnson $800
Challenger Mabel Crate Scholarship Christopher D Kelsey $1,000
Challenger Best Day Pay Michael R King $750
Challenger Marian Susan Blank Memorial Marian Olivencia-Christensen $510
Challenger Graham Business Assn Brittany N Pisciotta $1,000
Challenger Garret Lee Hodges Memorial Kurt R Simons $500
Challenger Hart Family Scholarship Christian S Thornton $810
Challenger Victor L Lyon Scholarship Ellece M Williams $1,420
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Alexa Arena $800
GKHS Graham Business Associattion Scholarship Amy Bernstein $500
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Kristin Berry $500
GKHS Graham Elem PTA Brianne Brower $500
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship George Dell $500
GKHS Day’s Pay Contibutors Katie DeVore $750
GKHS Graham Eagles Football & Cheer Bob Edminster $1,500
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Deidra Haegele $500
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Jayden Honey $500
GKHS DFS Nelson Family Memorial Scholarship Emma Johnson $750
GKHS Thrift Community Scholarship Megan Kingsbury $2,100
GKHS Jordan Riefel Scholarship Madison Lang $500
GKHS Graham Eagles Football & Cheer Kyle Madsen $1,500
GKHS John Suther Memorial Scholarship Hannah Miller $500
GKHS Bethel Education Association Nicholas Moore $625
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Rachel Smith $500
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Cassandra Solmonsen $500
GKHS Day’s Pay Contibutors Fischer Stewart $750
GKHS Tom & Leah Mulcahey Family Music Scholarship Kendra Vance $500
GKHS Bethel Education Fund Scholarship Josh Welsh $800
GKHS Graham Business Associattion Scholarship Logan Wood $500
GKHS Graham Business Associattion Scholarship Samantha Woolwine $500
GKHS DFS GK DFS Graham Eagles Football & Cheer Bob Edminster $1,500
GKHS DFS GK DFS Practice SAT Genevieve Haugh $600
GKHS DFS GK Dollars for Scholars Patrice Iglesias $300
GKHS DFS GK DFS Nelson Family Memorial Scholarship Emma Johnson $750
GKHS DFS GK DFS Graham Eagles Football & Cheer Kyle Madsen $1,500
GKHS DFS GK Dollars for Scholars Ian Steen $300
SLHS BEST Day’s Pay Contributors & Spanaway Com Cayla Blakeney $750
SLHS Bethel Educational Fund Ike Emeche $1,000
SLHS Promise Scholar Ike Emeche $500
SLHS Bethel Educational Fund Courtney Grilliett $1,000
SLHS Naches Trail Elementary Seirra Hoover $500
SLHS Spanaway Community/Miller/Massey Naomi Isenberg $600
SLHS Casey Crate Memorial Jeehoon Kim $500
SLHS Garret Lee Hodges Scholarship/BEST Jared Long $500
SLHS Promise Scholar Pavel Martynau $500
SLHS Bethel Educational Fund Sandra Monge-Sibrian $1,000
SLHS Promise Scholar Kevin Nguyen $500
SLHS Bethel Educational Fund Christina Park $1,000
SLHS Graham Business Association Arelly Puerto-Montes $100
SLHS Joy Raden Molly Angela Schibly $1,000
SLHS Everett M. Rose Scholarship Tess Smith $500
SLHS BEST Day’s Pay Contributors & Spanaway Com Gabrielle Thompkins $750
SLHS Thompson Elementary/BEST Edith Valdobinos $500
SLHS Promise Scholar Edith Valdobinos $500
SLHS Bethel Education Association Jasmine Valentine $625
SLHS Rob Meline/The Right Stuff Memorial Jamie Widdowson $1,500
TOTAL $67,715

Grand Total    $137,415





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