75 feet from shoreline – what do you have?

SPANAWAY, WA — Thursday Jan. 9, two meetings were held at the Spanaway Round Table Pizza. These meeting were to raise awareness among people living near Pierce County bodies of water that their shoreline are about to have 75 foot buffers created.

What do you have in Pierce County within 75 feet of a creek, river, stream, lake or pond? This will affect you.

Organizers are working on proposed language changes for the County Council. Apparently this is coming from a state department of ecology mandate. No one on the council wants to be the sponsor, ro the County Executive appointed a staff employee, Deborah Hyde to promote it. We can’t throw her out of office, so this change will let council people duck the pressure. Well… the people around Spanaway Lake are not going to give up the pressure. They are planning to lean on the council to modify the language.DSC_3326

In the meantime. Get your letter and your numbers ready to send in to the council. They need to hear from Tule Lake, Spanaway Creek, Morey Creek, Clover Creek, Rapjohn Lake, Silver Lake, Muck Creek… all of you!

The Post will try to give you as many updates as we can, but if this affects y ou, you should be on their contact list. Next meeting is on January 16, 6:30 p.m. at Spanaway Elementary.


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