Graham Citizen’s Action Team May 22


Graham Citizen’s Action Team — Below are notes from the last GCAT meeting. Hope to see you tomorrow night at 6pm in room 15 at Kapowsin elem. as Graham’s Fire and Rescue Assistant Chief Richards will attend and talk about what is happening in the our greater Graham area. We will prop open the back door by our office or you can ring the bell up front to call the custodian. Call me if you have trouble entering 253 279 3071, Carol

Graham Citizen’s Action Team 4/24/14 6pm 253-279-3071 Kapowsin Elem. Rm #15 10412 264th St.E.

  • David: twitter; Landfill information update; Eventbrite:ads for Meetings/Events; Communications needed with Dispatch, Blog, face book, BSD could help; will ask Graham Fire Dept. to post GCAT meetings on reader board
  • Wayne: Lyn Mahler’s Renaissance Fair in Graham – 253 846 0293 call her if interested in participating; Youth/Hannah is excited & familiar with these fairs. News: back to back info sent out & Graham News Ed. For April available New sign corner of 224th & Meridian.
  • Nora Schindler: Notice in Holy Disciples Bulletin asking for donations of new or hand made hats for homeless & cancer patients at St Joseph’s hospital (turned over 255 hats!);
  • Homeless need showers, bus, Laundromat, blankets, clothing, gloves, socks, hand sanitizers. Greater Lakes Mental Health care: new clinic-72nd St & Portland Ave.
  • Feed Project: Justin Henderson Food Pantry 224th & OK Hwy 253 686 2252 will help deliver backpacks to CMMS, FMS, BMS, BH, GKH, RR, CE, GE, PVE, KE, RoyE, NSE, NE; Volunteers needed to help distribute & purchase food. Jean Tobin 253 468 8976 is trying to get soup wagon.; Grant: $500 Smart Snacks in Schools (Leeda Beha: WA Act for Healthy Kids); Children in Poverty grant submitted on 4/30/14 800-222-3872×2158; Deb Gilbert (helps feed Fri. night at Tac. rescue mission) wants to talk to Jean Tobin plus brings garden veggies to Justin.
  • WA State Fair Ed. Booth: volunteers needed to sit at GCAT’s booth for 3 hours in ed building in exchange for 2 tickets + parking 9/12-9/13 10a-11p
  • ABC dayall bethel community 9/27/14 volunteers needed to sit in our GCAT booth
  • Previous notes: Parkland family Support Ctr.: Midland Elem.port.#403. Phone # 253-298-4599. Jonnice Morris: Coord. provide updates on services
  • Brian exec. Dir. At Mel Korum: Focus on Youth. for homeless 253 460 8972
  • Emergency food network: Helen McGovern-$12of food/$1 spent; rotary, city council, Lakewood, office 253 584 1040 cell253 380 6720;
  • Local churches=50% seniors; no bus transp. so. of 176th=no regard for seniors or folks w/out transport;
  • GCAT should communicate w/homeowners assoc.: Sec of state list;
  • Keep resources in area i.e. create new jobs & offer college credits etc.
  • Liaison w/Pierce Cty: Hunter George (comm. Dir. 253 798 6606), ask for direction from Pat McCarthy (call Karrie Roony’s sec. 253 798 7186)-talk about good things happening in this area (BSD, GBA, 723, threshold to Mt. R., Visitors ctr., solar team off the grid, 100 volunteers=$22/hrs, reading, tutor & science programs, Win-Win classes, SR community & gardens, Partnerships with FCCCC, EXPOs, GCAT needs to have a rep on R.A.M.P.=area presence w/ Pierce Cty Council;
  • E-mails: Claudia Branham: traffic problems
  • 63 acres=road+shop property most likely developed as major shopping center in 20 yrs.
  • Visit Church councils & congregations w/ information about GCAT
  • Bruce Smith: Graham needs a ball field, a tennis court, bb hoops, disk golf, Notes By: carol.v.wright@att.net253 279 3071

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