Help save the Enchanted Valley Chalet


EnchantedValleyChaletRain Forest Horse Rides (FB) — The Olympic National Park is requesting public comments on a plan to move the Enchanted Valley Chalet away from the Quinault River, which has undermined its’ foundation and put it at risk of falling into the river.

Citizens from all over America have joined together to provide funding and professional house-movers to save this beloved 2-½ story log structure, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

The ONP is requesting public comment on the plan to move the chalet. Their goal is to move the chalet, but with the plan to later dismantle it at great cost to the taxpayers.

We support the plan to move the chalet, but very much OBJECT TO DISMANTLING AND DESTROYING THIS HISTORIC CHALET. Because of its’, location fifteen miles into the wilderness of the ONP, the chalet has been historically utilized for shelter from storm, storage of back country equipment and a staging area for ONP research teams, emergency first aid/evacuation and fire suppression.

Please take the time to submit your comments to save the Enchanted Valley Chalet.


Most endangered properties 2014 – Washington State


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  1. And the Post comments:
    The preservation of historic structures is crucial to knowing who we are as a nation and a community. My own community has suffers from this kind of destruction over and over. Each time local governments do not recognize these properties and developers run over them in favor of new contracts, we lose another little piece of our souls.
    Enchanted Valley is a special little piece of heaven in the Olympics. For those who have ventured there, there is nothing like it. Please do everything you can to save this little place, its value is so incredibly much more than any new building that could be in its place.

  2. Donna says:

    While I understand the love for this structure by the many who have used it over the last decades, I feel the value lost to the wilderness in an attempt to save it, intact in the valley, is too great.

    Olympic National Park Wilderness is not only beautiful, it preserves the plants, animals, and fish of a unique ecosystem. It holds genes with values we are still learning of their benefits to us. Now, over half of our medicines come from nature. We still don’t have cures for many current diseases and conditions that afflict us and we continue to discover new ones.

    To truly save the Chalet, it should be carefully dismantled, removed, and rebuilt outside of the wilderness.

    We need to decide if historic structure preservation is more important than the health benefits brought to us by wilderness preservation.

    The Historic Preservation Act does not demand that historic buildings and structures be saved intact but that they be documented and their history be preserved. The Historic Act, as interpreted by some, ignores the historic fact and value of wilderness and nature. The vast majority of our land has been altered by our hand. The Wilderness Act asks to leave untrammeled a small percentage for nature to thrive and to preserve the handy work of its creator.

    I also support the position of the Quinault Tribe to keep the structure out of the river. One of the paramount values of Olympic National Park’s wilderness is its contribution to the clean air and water for the whole peninsula and its people.

    1. Many purists would rather see all signs of human impact removed from the “wilderness.” People will contiue to visit the valley and the impacts they will have without this structure to take shelter in could be far worse than continuing to have the structure present. We need a shelter in that place to focus the impact of the humans.

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