A Memorial for Chris Virdell

ELK PLAIN, WA — Over two years ago, Chris Virdell disappeared. Eight months ago, his remains were found. One month ago, the identity of his remains were disclosed.

The Virdell family had the shock, horror and sadness to relive. The case is far from solved. The family is still not in possession of his remains. What they did have was the chance to celebrate his life and give him a proper send off.

Just before the service, Melanie, Chris’ mother was tying balloons at the front of the church and one escaped and flew up to the ceiling. It just happend to be an orange one, the color of the coat he was so well known for.

After the service, everyone gathered in the social hall where there were lots of photos of Chris, refreshments, and a memory tree. A friend of the family put together a tremendous video in Chris’ memory. As his mother watched it for the first time, she began crying. It was truly lovely and moving.

Later in the evening the family gathered with Chris’ closest friends at the Bethel Learning Center.


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