Information on the New Keithley Commons

The project cost is $8.5 million. The project was made possible by the voter-approved Capital Levy in 2012

Some additional details20141021_110952

Project Team:

  • Erickson McGovern Architects (architectural design)
  • BCE Engineers (mechanical, electrical, and low voltage engineering)
  • PSE Engineering (structural engineering)
  • AHBL (civil engineering and landscape architecture)
  • Clevenger Associates (kitchen design)
  • Associated Earth Sciences (geotechnical design)
  • Migizi Group (hazardous materials assessment and abatement planning)
  • Materials Testing and Consulting (special inspections)
  • Winslow Partnership (commissioning)

Scope of Work:

  • Demolition of most of the building and reclamation of salvageable materials (glulam beams, lumber, metals, etc.).  Only one corner of the old building is being retained.
  • Construction of new building including enlargement of footprint for larger kitchen area and more seating capacity in commons.
  • Installation of new building systems
  • Installation of new Central Kitchen
  • Replacement of water and sewer lines feeding KMS campus
  • Replacement of sewer lines under courtyard
  • Replacement of courtyard
  • Installation of new building landscaping
  • Provision of new building furnishings and support equipment
  • Construction of new water and electrical utilities to service Washington HS campus.
  • Installation of on-site storm water treatment
  • Provide for future connection of an administration wing as part of a master plan for the campus

Goals of Project:

  • Provide additional capacity for daily meal activities
  • Construct a Central Kitchen with capacity to provide meals for all District elementary schools
  • Provide additional seating capacity for school events and training sessions
  • Replace aged and deteriorated building systems
  • Replace aged kitchen room finishes and equipment
  • Provide upgraded interior finishes
  • Provide new exterior wall cladding and roof covering.
  • Address relocation of utility infrastructure that should be removed from building footprint
  • Replace aging water and sewer mains feeding campus
  • Provide an upgraded facility that will fit into the master plan for a renovated campus.
  • Band room with storage for sheet music, instruments, and practice space.
  • Choral room
  • Computer lab capable of being configured as one or two spaces
  • Provide space for on-site supervision of activities
  • Highlighted Changes:
  • Addition of a central kitchen capable of providing meals for all District elementary schools
  • Installation of stained and honed concrete flooring in main commons area
  • Installation of honed and sealed concrete flooring in kitchen area
  • High efficiency lighting
  • High efficiency heating and cooling systems
  • Acoustical enhancements of the spaces
  • Redesigned courtyard with pedestrian friendly gathering areas and play areas
  • New facility is 4,272 SF larger than the previous facility
  • Master planning for this area of the campus includes a future administrative wing.  The office space in the building is the area where the future administrative wing will attach
  • Capacity of New Facility:
  • Seating capacity for performance events in the new facility is 546 (old facility was 360)
  • Sit down feeding capacity in new building is 480 (old facility was 320)
  • Kitchen capable of providing meals for 4500 breakfasts and 4500 lunches each day
  • Flexibility of New Facility:
  • Building can serve as a cafeteria, a venue for school festivities and performances.
  • New Central Kitchen adds to flexibility and efficiencies in providing meals for students at KMS and other schools.  It also changes how food supplies are handled reducing the reliance upon internal deliveries from District warehouses.
  • Moveable partition in computer lab enables the room to be used as one or two spaces
  • New commons area can serve as venue for District-wide training sessions or meetings

Kitchen Upgrades:

  • Convenient routing for deliveries from two directions
  •  Enhanced food prep. and cooking capacity to provide meals for KMS plus eight elementary schools and one preschool facility
  • Modern kitchen equipment ensuring prolonged service life and efficiencies in operation.  New dishwasher, for example, recaptures steam
  • Gas and electrical connections to kitchen equipment is provide for through a modular service module that can be easily reconfigured if the equipment is changed out.  This eliminates costly changes in gas piping and electrical reconfiguration
  • Serving lines are designed to facilitate quick movement of customers through the line to check-out
  • Wall mounted monitors provide information about food offerings and school news for customers moving through the line
  • Honed and sealed concrete flooring is more durable than vinyl products ensuring a longer service life and ease of cleaning
  • Kitchen has large storage capacity for dry goods.
  • The walk-in cooler and freezer have access from both ends enabling supplies to be moved on the pallet reducing the need for multiple handling of supplies.
  • Refrigerators and freezers have sensors enabling remote monitoring of temperatures and operating condition
  • New kitchen has staff support areas capable of housing the increased number of employees associated with a Central Kitchen operation

Restroom Upgrades:

  • New building will have a total of 18 restroom fixtures compared with 4 from the old facility.  This will help support peak occupant loads associated with performances and large meetings

Performing Arts Upgrades:

  •  Commons area has been designed with acoustics in mind.  The stage is configured with a valance and baffles to project sound from the stage to the audience.  The finishes in the commons itself are design to absorb sound that reaches the back of the room to prevent reflection of the projected sound.
  • Theatric lighting is provided for productions on the stage
  • A sound system is designed for amplification of sound in the commons and a means to provide background music for events and enhance audio for audio/visual presentations
  • A large ramp is provide behind the stage to move equipment, props and scenery from the main level to the stage.
  • Prop storage areas flank the stage

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