Pierce County ferry peak season fare rates take effect May 1


Peak season fare rates start May 1 for Pierce County ferry passengers that drive a vehicle or motorcycle onto the ferry. Peak season runs through Sept. 30.

Passengers driving vehicles 21 feet in length or less will see their fares increase from the non-peak season rate of $17.80 to the peak season rate of $22.30, while passengers driving motorcycles will see an increase from $9.60 to $12. Rates for seniors or disabled drivers will increase from $14.85 to $18.65.

The five-trip Value Pass for vehicles 21 feet in length or less remains at $71.20, while the five-trip Value Pass for motorcycles remains at $38.30.

Walk-on passenger rates are the same year-round, and bicycles can be walked on at no extra cost.

Riders will not be able to use non-peak season tickets once peak season begins.

The Pierce County Ferry System provides service between the town of Steilacoom and Anderson and Ketron islands. Visit www.piercecountywa.org/ferry to see a full list of fares.


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