JBLM opens Unity Bridge May 4


JBLM BrisgeJOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – Joint Base Lewis-McChord will open Unity Bridge, which connects JBLM Lewis Main to JBLM McChord Field at 5 a.m. Monday.

Unity Bridge crosses over Perimeter Road, which bisects Lewis Main and McChord Field, to link these segments of the joint base.

Construction on the bridge and roadway began in May 2014.

Service members and family members who work or live on either McChord Field or Lewis Main will more easily travel back-and-forth without needing to exit or enter security gates. Additionally, people will be able to transit the base more quickly without going onto Interstate 5, thereby easing some highway traffic.

The Lincoln-Rainier Gate providing access to JBLM Lewis Main will permanently close with the opening of Unity Bridge. Drivers will now gain access to JBLM Lewis Main by entering Barnes Gate at McChord Field, on Perimeter Road.


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