Attempted Abduction in Graham May 1


By Lori Haun  [May 1, 2015] From Facebook post

Earlier today, there was a child abduction attempt out in Graham, near Meridian and not far from the Graham –Kapowsin High School. The child was a 14 yr old boy.

A man, possibly in his 20s, driving a maroon car tried to lure the boy into his car by offering him a ride and some alcohol. The boy refused and quickly tried to get away from the guy.

The guy and car have been observed and seen in other neighborhoods in and around the area. A police report has been filed.

The suspect has reddish curly hair, is in his mid 20s, and wore a ball cap backwards. The car may have been a 4 door. The boy was scared and ran home in a panic as fast as he could. This happened near 200th and Meridian.


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