The lioness doesn’t have to roar


By Marianne Lincoln

I wrote this for a friend and some others asked me to share….

We are proud, bright and strong women. We have proved that we will not and cannot be defined by those who have abandoned our lives. They are gone because they not only did not fit in, they we unable to truly embrace the magnificent creature before them. They came up short. But we have proof of our magnificent and successful lives in the legacy of our children. We have raised strong, healthy, resilient and successful people and brought them into the world with skills they can use to overcome whatever faces them, because they know what their mothers have overcome. Bravo to all the women who have shown in the face of adversity, strength; in the face of humiliation, dignity; in the face of barrenness, life;  in the face of poverty, riches beyond dreams. We ARE the rich. We have resilience, we have joy and we have the love of family and great friends.

The lioness doesn’t have to roar; she makes no pretense of her courage. She is the one that is strong, will endure, and can overcome. She is antiquity and she is all the tomorrows. She is the mother.



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  1. Paula Morris says:

    That was beautiful and encouraging, Marianne. Thanks.

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