Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission


The primary responsibility of the Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission is to carry out the Pierce County Historic Preservation Program as a Certified Local Government (CLG) in historic preservation, and to provide recommendations, on matters related to Pierce County heritage, to the County Executive and Council. The Commission is guided by the policies and procedures of Pierce County Code (PCC) 2.88. The Commission meets the third Tuesday of the month at the Pierce County Annex, 2401 S. 35th St., Tacoma, at 6:00 p.m. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

There are currently four county council district-specific openings on the Commission. If you are interested, please complete an application and return it electronically or by mail to the address on page 2 of the application. Please contact Chad Williams,, for additional information.

Represents Member  Expiration  Term
District 1 Vacant
District 2 Gordon “Buzz” Grant  10/11/17  1 of 2
District 3 Edwin Hennings  9/30/16  1 of 2
District 4 Katie Baker  10/31/18  1 of 2
District 5 Vacant
District 6 Vacant
District 7 Vacant
At-Large #1 Architect Brett Santhuff (pending reappt.)  8/08/15  1 of 2
At-Large #2 Archivist Jean Fisher (pending reappt.)  7/01/15  1 of 2
At Large #3 Historian Robert Allen  1/30/17  1 of 2
At Large #4 Archaeologist Gretchen Kaehler  10/11/17  1 of 2



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