Parkland – a story of homelessness and community


[The PPP received this letter this morning: from Jesse Paez. The surprise party, picnic is Friday July 29, 2016 at 4:30pm, at Gonyea Park, if anyone else would like to come out and boost her spirit!]

Not sure if you have been following the discussions in Parkland Neighborhood Watch FB group regarding the sad, but inspiring, story about a homeless lady in Parkland. But here is a little message that I sent to a select community leaders/politicians in the area:

With all the bad press and frustrations regarding homelessness in Parkland, one homeless woman has turned an unfortunate stigma to an inspirational story for the community of Parkland.  I’m sure most of you have seen the chatter on our Parkland FB group page about the cat-loving woman who has been living in a blue van by Gonyea Park for a very long time — WITH GRACE, resulting in outpouring of compassion (even if it’s only mostly in social media). On Friday at 5pm, a small number of community members are planning a semi-surprise “make-a-difference” meeting with her.  At this meeting, our goal is to bring a few donations, resources, a lot of TLC, and gratitude for her example of perseverance and inadvertently raising Parkland’s morale at even at her lowest point.  I would like to extend the invitation to you, as a community leader, as you may have something more practical to offer to her.  Or if nothing else, it can be very symbolic of what our community is really all about.  And yes, photo ops should be in order.  Please let me know if you’er interested.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, only a handful has responded so far (which I’m sure is due to short notice and conflict with schedules).  But regardless, as of right now, we are planning on doing a surprise picnic at Gonyea Park with her as the special guest. I will be there by 4:30pm.  We can then collect/give donations of any sort during it. And let her know that there are people that do care and that she has educated and inspired others.

I guess I thought of you, the Pierce Prairie Post, and your influence and want to extend the invitation to join us tomorrow if you can and if you are interested in helping out or spreading the good word.  Thank you.


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  1. carolyn benum says:

    So sorry we missed it . We will keep in touch to see what we can do.

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