Thun Field Airport Study

Hello Pilots using Pierce County Airport – Thun Field,

We are 7 months into the airport operations study at Thun Field. Two wireless infrared cameras have been placed at each end of the runway approximately 130 feet in the grass, in line with the centerline, 9 inches high, 3 feet long, 16 inches wide, and are bright orange in color. Three cameras are along the length of the field on the east side; all are designed to capture takeoffs and landings. The traffic count data will be used during the upcoming master plan update to help Pierce County and the airport community plan for the future of the airport. The study started in April, and will last 18 months. American Aviation Professionals, the consultant conducting the study on behalf of Pierce County, will provide monthly and quarterly reports detailing operations during the daytime vs. night-time operations, by single vs. multi-engine aircraft, and by Runway 17 v. Runway 35. The study cost is $16,200 and is funded with local real estate excise taxes designated for the airport.

Below are the counts for operations between May-September:

May – 4,198
June – 2,970
July – 3,030
August – 2,818
September – 1,796

Thank you!

Cindy Willis, Office Assistant

Pierce County Public Works
Airport & Ferry Administration
2702 South 42nd Street, Suite 201 Tacoma, WA  98409-7322
253-798-2478 | <>








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