County Charter Change to Prosecutor’s Office?


Editorial – Marianne Lincoln

The Pierce County Council is making Charter changes again. This time they are looking at the Prosecutor’s Office, to make it non-partisan. No one seeking political office is truly non-partisan. All a voter has to do is look up a candidate’s political donations and see who is giving them money. The PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) and the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) will tell you a lot about who is supporting them and what they are really about. For instance, most county wide races are financed by local builders and developers, hence they breeze through their challenges with the local government.

In this instance, the Prosecutor’s office has been occupied by Democrats for years, and years and years. The currently Republican Council is hoping to hide the party affiliation so they can put a Republican in this office. There isn’t much veil on this proposal. Just what other changes do they want in this office that they are not happy with at this time? That is the real question. Are they hoping for a next political office step-up for the currently attorney-Senator Steve O’Ban? It would be a great salary increase. Time will tell. There is always a plan behind the change. You are a citizen, it is your challenge to determine if this is reasonable.

Final consideration is August 1, 2017. Write or call your council person before then.

Proposed Ordinance No. 2017-36

Title: An Ordinance of the Pierce County Council Proposing an Amendment to Section 4.10 of the Pierce County Charter, “Election Procedures,” to Make the Prosecuting Attorney a Nonpartisan Office; Requesting the Auditor to Submit this Amendment to the Voters at the November 2017 General Election; and Requesting the Prosecuting Attorney to Draft an Appropriate Ballot Title. (Charter Amendment – Nonpartisan Prosecutor)
Status: Under Final Consideration

Sponsors: Councilmembers Douglas G. Richardson


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