REZONED! April 13 – Data display


Residents across Spanaway, Frederickson, Parkland, Midland, and South Hill received letters around March 30, noting their home properties have been rezoned from Moderate Density Single Family (MSF) to Neighborhood Corridor (NCor).

This zoning is set in the County plan called Centers and Corridors. The new zoning is a done deal according to local real estate people. There is a Dog and Pony Show, they are calling a Public Hearing on April 13. It will tell you what you are getting, they will take comments.

It is highly unlikely anything will change because of this event. The event is mostly to inform you what is coming at you, because they are required by law to tell you sometime. The County didn’t inform you by letter about it two years ago (July 2017) when it was voted on at the County Council. There was a public event a Spanaway Elementary over a year ago that was poorly attended. These were in hearing notices published by the county on their website and to people who sign up for email information.

Here is the link they give in the letter There is an interactive map there so you can find your property.

Neighborhood Corridor: Allows a mix of residential housing types, civic, utilities, office/businesses. and neighborhood-scale commercial uses. Allowed densities are 6-25 housing units per acre, and maximum height is 45 feet. (4 stories)

Midland also has major changes to Portland Avenue, covered




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