Bethel Events through June 2019


Bethel’s Visual and Performing Arts Newsletter


Vol. 29  No. 18     May 22, 2019


May: Washington State Arts Education Month

22 6:30pm                   Pajama Party (1st Grade)  CP

      6:30pm                   Spring Band, Choir, & Orchestra Concert  GE

      7:00pm                   Spring Choir Concert  CE

7:00pm                   Spring Band Concert  GKHS

7:00pm                   Final Band & Orchestra Concert / Awards Night  SMS

23 All Day                 Choir Tour to Feeder Schools  CMS Choirs

      6:30pm                   Spring Band, Choir, and Orchestra Concert  (Grades 6-8) EPSOC

6:30pm                   Spring Concert  RE

24 Snow Make-Up Day

27 Memorial Day      NO SCHOOL

28 6:30pm                   Pops Finale Choir Concert  SLHS

7:00pm                   Spring Choir Concert  FMS

7:00pm                   Final Orchestra Concert  GKHS

      7:00pm                   School Board Meeting  BHS

29 7:00pm                   Final Instrumental Concert I (CB/Jazz I & II)  BHS

7:00pm                   Final Choir Concert  GKHS

30 2:15/3:00/6:00pm   Spring Music Assemblies & Concert  SM

6:30pm                   K-5 End-of-Year Arts Evening  PV

7:00pm                   Mallet Showcase  (Students from CE & NS) CE

7:00pm                   Final Orchestra Concert  BMS

7:00pm                   Final Band Concert  FMS

7:00pm                   Final Instrumental Concert II (SB & WE)  BHS

31 8:00am                    Performing Arts Showcase Assembly (6-8) EPSOC

7:00pm                   Music Department Potluck & Awards Night  BHS



2 1:00pm                   SMS Vocal Essence perform National Anthem  Cheney Stadium

3 2:30 – 6:00pm        Orchestra Festival Set Up  Olson Auditorium & Field House

4  8:00am–1:00pm       Orchestra Students to Festival Rehearsal  PLU’s Olson Auditorium

7:00pm                   District Orchestra Festival Concert  Olson Auditorium

5 Late Arrival for Students

All Morning          Band Festival Set Up  Olson Auditorium & Field House

      7:00pm                   Final Choir Concert  NS

7:00pm                   Final Choir Showcase & Awards Ceremony  CMS

7:00pm                   Final Choir Concert  BHS

6 8:00am–1:00pm       Band Students to Festival Rehearsal  PLU’s Olson Auditorium

7:00pm                   District Band Festival Concert  Olson Auditorium

7 8:45am/7:00pm     Variety Show  NS

      Elementary, Middle, & High School Early Dismissal for Report Card Preparation

8 11:00am                Flag Day Parade  Ocean Shores

9 3:00pm                   Vivace! Choral Program’s Spring Concert & Ice Cream Social

Puyallup United Methodist Church (1919 West Pioneer in Puyallup)

10 6:30pm                   Final Choir Concert (5th Grade)  CC

6:30pm                   Recorder & Choir Concert (4th & 5th Grade)  NT

      7:00pm                   Final Choir Concert  BMS

7:00pm                   Choir Awards Gala  GKHS

11 1:30pm                  Band and Orchestra Assembly  RR

2:00pm                   Challenger High School Graduation  PLU’s Olson Auditorium

6:00pm                   Spring Recorder Concert (4th Grade)  EV

6:30pm                   Spring Band Concert  CMS

7:00pm                   Spring Choir Concert (5th Grade)  EV

7:00pm                   Final Band Concert  BMS

7:00pm                   Final Pops Choral Concert and Awards Night (with SE Choir) SMS

12 8:15am                    Final Music Assembly  BMS

      8:40am                  Band and Orchestra Assembly  CE

1:00pm                   Spanaway Lake High School Graduation  Tacoma Dome

      1:40pm                  Band and Orchestra Assembly  RE

4:00pm                   Bethel School Graduation  Tacoma Dome

7:00pm                   Graham-Kapowsin High School Graduation  Tacoma Dome

13 7:30/8:20/9:15am    End-of-the-Year Music Assemblies  CMMS

2:00 & 7:00pm      Talent Show  CE

2:00 & 7:00pm       The Lion King, Jr. (All-School Musical)  RR

3:00pm                  Kindergarten Moving On Ceremony  PV

      3:00pm                  Band and Orchestra Assembly  SM

      6:30pm                   Spring Orchestra Concert  CMS at SLHS Auditorium

7:00pm                   Final Music Concert (All Performing Groups)  LMS

14 2:45pm                  Talent Show  SE

2:00 & 7:00pm       The Lion King, Jr. (All-School Musical)  RR

T.B.D.                   Final Music Assembly (“Farewell to 8th Grade”)  LMS


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