Pierce County Planning Commission, is it rigged?

By Marianne Lincoln

On Tuesday, April 6, the Republican Councilmembers on the County Council, joined by Councilman Campbell, voted to place a leader of the Master Builders on the Pierce County Planning Commission.

I requested information from the County Executive’s office regarding other people who had applied for the position. No information was provided, in fact, the reply said those names are not disclosable. It seems the County thinks protection of their privacy in applying for a County position representing the people of the County is more important than allowing us to scrutinize the choices being made that placed someone in utter conflict of interest in that seat.

All things considered, I would urge the citizens of the County to truly scrutinize what is happening in Pierce County in the marriage of our government and the housing industry.

Here is the composition of the rest of the Planning Commission:

Sharon Benson – Realtor (26 years experience)

Jeff Brown – Architecture, Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber term expires 6/24/21 INFO

Kathryn Jerkovich – Licensed Real Estate Agent … Gig Harbor

Sharon Hanek – PIERCE COUNTY GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES: Planning Commissioner District 1,
Chair of the 2016 Pierce County Charter Review Commission (term expires 8/21/21)

Shawn Manly – Property owner and developer INFO

Julie Williams – Pierce County Sheriff Department, Pierce County Sheriff Department Contract Services Manager, retired (term expires 06/24/2021)

Chuck Sundsmo – Land Use Consulting And Development LLC, Puyallup (note building permits)

In addition, the Hearing Examiner, the next step after the Planning Commission, Stephen Causseaux, The Deputy Hearings Examiner is Michael McCarthy, partner with Causseaux in the law firm. Pierce County has no shame.

Tacoma Law Firm, McCarthy & Causseaux | Land Use and Zoning Law (mchlawoffices.com)


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  1. Lincoln says:

    I fear to predict Paul Green will surely be chosen soon. Another of the favorites of this County Executive. https://www.azuregreenconsultants.com/staff/paul-green/

  2. Jean Sensel says:

    Good Lord. The entire commission is made of of people with financial motivation to downzone and build, build, build without regard to impacts on existing properties, the environment, roads, schools, lack of resources like parks, and livability of a community. Need I mention that every one of these members are significant donors to our local politicians? Pay to Play.

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