May 17 Public Meeting to decide fate of the old Parkland School


Pierce County Landmarks and Historic Preservation zoom meeting Tuesday 6 p.m. where the fate of our Parkland School building could be decided. 

Go to, to find out more about the meeting or, here is the pertinent information:

Starts at 6pm, Tuesday night (May 17), Call in number (253) 215-8782, i.d. 938 3347 5756, pass code 594581.  

The building is already a historic landmark, but PLU wants to take it off its protected status so that they can get rid of it and put up a multi-story building.  If you would like to see it preserved and used as a community center, please attend. The County apparently has the funds to make it so.

If you know others who may be interested, please spread the word.


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  1. Katherine Knebel says:

    If you are going to have a public meeting why do you not give the public enough notice to be able to attend once again pierce county is sliding things through on an issue that they know they have no support on.

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