Roy FISH Food Bank may be forced to close

The Roy FISH Food Bank has recently moved to a location across the street from the Roy Cemetery. This wasn’t an easy move, the building they previous occupied in the Rebekah Hall, 220 East 1st St., across from the Congregational Church, broke their contract and forced them out according to Rose Loveless. Their new location, a metal building at 8202 288th St, is owned by Steamboat Investments of University Place. The building has no heat or running water. The food bank had to put a portable toilet outside. There is electricity so they can run refrigerators and space heaters.

Their previous landlord said they were going to sell the building and the food bank had previously been told by their board of directors, they would be offered the first option to purchase it, if it became available. That was many years ago and only one of those former board members is still alive at this date. Their rent was increased from $200 per month to $500 if they wanted to stay. So in February 2012, the Food Bank reluctantly went searching for another location. There were not many options in the town of Roy. They found the building on 288th Street and were required to pay and entire year of rent in advance as well as the monthly rent. Then they had to wait for Pierce County to approve permits for them to begin using the building. The permits took another month. The Roy FISH Food bank was able to resume operations in April 2012.  In the meantime, the Roy Missionary Church agreed to store the food bank’s products until they got the green light from the county at the new location.

All of the moving, the new lease requirements and county permits put a serious drain on the finances of the food bank. They are in desperate need of cash donations to continue their operations.

The Roy City Clerk said this had been an additional topic of discussion at Monday night’s City Council meeting. She said they were afraid the food bank may have to close in as soon as four months if they don’t get some operating funds.

Rose Loveless, the food bank coordinator said, “It’s a heart breaker.” All the volunteer hours working to help people in such difficult times and the owners of the buildings are pushing around the very people trying to help others survive.

If you are able to help the Roy FISH Food Bank with a cash donation to help them recover from their costs for moving and setting up in the new location, please mail your tax-deductible donation to PO Box 226, Roy, WA 98580. You will be serving many with your help.

The Roy FISH Food Bank is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Your donations are tax-deductible.


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  1. Grace Garrett says:

    Thank you for your article…I had not read it at the time I emailed to you…Good to know you are in the loop. Grace Garrett

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