New intersection for SR507 and 8th Avenue South open

Northbound on 8th Avenue South approaching SR507, the road now bends after crossing the railroad bridge.

If you have not taken the road from Spanaway to Roy recently, be prepared for a few changes. JBLM revised the intersection for 8th Avenue South, moving it about 100 feet farther south than the old intersection. There were a lot of accidents on that stretch of highway with both 8th Avenue South and 208th Street traffic making turns. The traffic revision is now in place, although there are still many large orange traffic cans and orange barrier material around the area. With all the extra orange color you can’t miss it, even in the Fall.

A bit father down the road is the new traffic signal for the East Gate entrance to the military base. It had been in place most of the year, but if you haven’t seen it or you take SR507 on a foggy day, beware. There may be a red light in the middle of that long stretch of highway. The signal makes using the East Gate much more efficient.

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