Graham Fire and Rescue welcomes new Chief Ryan Baskett

Graham Fire and Rescue held a badge pinning today to officially promote and welcome its new Fire Chief, Ryan Baskett. The 3:00 p.m. ceremony was held at the headquarters fire station on 70th Avenue. The entire Baskett family was there, some arriving from eastern Washington. Much of Baskett’s wife’s family (she’s a granddaughter of John Thun) was also present.

The event was a traditional process. Reggie Romines, the outgoing Chief, entered with his wife followed by a bag piper and the  new Chief Baskett and his wife Christy.

First, the Graham Fire Commissioners presented him with a plaque. Then, his father pinned on his new badge and his wife pinned on his other formal Chief lapel pins.

Chief Romines then presented the Department banner to Chief Baskett. They shook hands and saluted each other.

Baskett gave an official speech. As memorable as any part was his preface. He began with a wonderful off the cuff comment about the awe he felt as he started to think about how many people helped him to get where he is today. He said, “It’s pretty amazing.” He thanked his father for giving him his work ethic, his four older siblings for setting examples and teaching him never to be late for dinner and his fellow firefighters for teaching him hard work, honor and courage.

Congratulations Chief Baskett!


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