Bethel official injured in STP mishap

Jay Brower, Bethel School District’s director of community connections was injured Saturday in Seattle as he was starting out on the Seatlle to Portland Bicycle Classic.JayBrower STP

Jay’s words from Facebook: “Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. While in Seattle yesterday morning there was an abrupt slow down going down hill. I hit the brakes too hard and tumbled over the handle bars. I was the only one involved in the accident. Shawn Pyeatt and other cyclists responded quickly as did the medics. I was unconscious for several minutes but received excellent treatment at Harborview. So much for making it to Portland in one day!”

Jay is recuperating and receiving many well wishes from friends and associates. According to communications director Krista Carlson, Jay has lots of scrapes and bruises, but nothing is broken. Rumor has it his pride and sense of humor are also intact.

We all wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks to all who assisted him following the accident.

Correction: According to jay who was in attendance at the parkland Spanaway Kiwanis meeting August 8, he did break his collar-bone and lost a knuckle in his right hand. He also had many stitches. He showed photos and he looked pretty banged up and bruised. He was looking good at the meeting and thankful for his Bell helmet. Glad you have been recovering well Jay.

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