Give it a shot: Family Style Hot Dogs and Cupcakes in Parkland

Eddie’s Dawg House and the Yummer’s Cupcakes are a unique, family combo business in the Parkland community.

Donté Granville (left), the employee of the restaurant greets a customer at the cupcakes counter.

Edward Serrano, the owner of the restaurant, is preparing the bread for making a hot dog.

By Violette Wang/

Hot dogs and cupcakes are a unique combination rarely seen. But they seem to complement each other well in the Parkland community. “If you’re looking for that gourmet hotdog to satisfy your east coast or Midwest craving,” a customer commented in Yelp. “This is the place!” What is this secret place? Let us explore more.

Eddie’s Dawg House and Yummers 2 the 3rd Power Cupcake Factory, owned by Edward Serrano, sit next to each other under a noticeable M-shaped roof on 106th and Pacific Ave.

Serrano, the starter of the business, is the father of the family. He built the first cupcake shop for his daughter, Amber, on Garfield St. A few years ago, Serrano received a phone call from Amber at work. “Dad, can you build me a cupcake shop,” Serrano recalled. He said Amber told him that she saw a place for lease near the post office at the time she visited the spot. “I went ‘Sure, honey’,” Serrano laughed. And that was the beginning of everything.

After studying recipes for four years, Amber became skilled at baking cupcakes as she practiced frequently at home. “We got to the point where she was baking two or three times a week making these outrageous cakes,” Serrano smiled proudly. Although the decision to rent the place was sudden and unexpected, the outcome was encouraging. The shop attracted many local people because of Amber’s delicious and interesting creations.

Serrano soon decided to open a hot dog place to provide quality, low-cost food primarily for students from Pacific Lutheran University. While Serrano was about to implement his plan, he found out the building would be torn down in the near future. Relocating the shop became their last option.

Fortunately their move went smoothly. Since then, this family combo business has settled in the area and has started gaining more reputation for the food taste and the creative recipe ideas. Eddie’s Dawg house offers a variety of hot dogs, ranging from the Chicago Style to the Seattle dog. Serrano brought back the rich, authentic flavor one can only find on the east coast, from those old-style hot dog cart vendors.

“I am from New York. So I know about the breads, the hot dogs, the New York Style Cart onions, and the different things that the old-style hot dog cart vendors had, because I ate from those carts,” Serrano said. “So I decided to put New York Style cart onions on to the menu.” Other flavors available on the menu are bold and original. There is the Fat Boy, for example, wrapped with bacon and topped with mac& cheese. As crazy as it sounds, it tastes better than you would imagine.

Another specialty Serrano offers in his Dawg house is called Fingerling Potatoes. Instead of using the frozen fries, Serrano decided to cut the potatoes by hand like how fries were prepared back in the days, and then season them with family recipes to bring the natural flavor out of the baked potatoes. “We wedged them (the potatoes) out. We throw some olive oil in the pan, mix them up with seasonings, and we bake them in the oven,” Serrano said. “It melts in your mouth really nice and taste butter already.”

Owing to his Puerto Rican descent, Serrano grew up with those homemade seasonings his mom developed. “I have those tastes,” he said. “We use a lot of garlic, cilantro, and all the different seasonings.” He values the importance of preparing healthier food and therefore chooses freshly baked potatoes over the manufactured products in store. Also, for the good quality of the potatoes, Serrano’s helpers often get to the store several hours before opening to ensure that the potatoes are freshly cut and ready to go by 11am.

Not only does this family business serve quality hot dogs and cupcakes, but they also provide friendly service to make customer visits more memorable. They are open to suggestions and offer various discounts for first comers, students, people in the military and seniors.

Serrano has been experimenting with different recipes to improve the quality of the food. He said he would like to make changes to the Puerto Rican recipes that he has and eventually creates his own versions.

If one day you crave for a hot dog, stop by Eddie’s place to see what they can offer. “The deal is that you eat good food, and we make quality food,” Serrano said. “So you enjoy the experience.”

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