Bethel School District considering security policy

The following security policy is up for 2nd reading and possible passage or it could move to a third reading.

Notice that none of the procedural language is currently included and there is no designation within the text that your elected school board shall review such procedures before they are implemented. The editorial staff of the Post believes that procedural language should require board (and thereby elected representatives of the people) to approve. Maybe we’re old-fashioned here at the Post, but we don’t think security should be given away as an exclusive license to any public administration.

This meeting is July 23 at 7 p.m.

Policy 6609


The board authorizes the use of security access systems in district operated schools for the purpose of helping to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors. The purpose for employing security access systems and appropriate procedures for use of such systems, is to control entry into school buildings and, therefore, to and provide an extra level of protection from unauthorized intrusion during hours of school operation.

The superintendent or his/her designee shall develop procedures for the use of security access systems in all Bethel School District schools.


Follow up:

The board unanimously passed this policy Tuesday evening. After the vote, Director Rogers inquired of Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Bethman, who was acting in the absence of the Superintendent. Her question was that when the procedures are wortten, they will be brought to the board for review. Ms. Bethman acknowledged this would be the case.


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