Garfield Street Fair – August 17

Garfield Street in Parkland will come alive with vendor booths, cars, music, entertainers, balloons, kids, and happiness on August 17th for the annual Garfield Street Fair. The event will be held in the middle of the street. Adjoining restaurants and businesses will have specials and events as well, There’s even a beer garden.

Bring out the family between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Park in the PLU (it’s summer) lot or the adjoining streets. See how Parkland rocks!

Garfield Street Fair 2013


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  1. Dennis says:

    Who are these Live Music groups? What type music do they play? What is their website to listen to a sampling of their music? What is the schedule of the time each will be playing?

    1. Contact for the event is Kate at Ricky J’s Restaurant, 253-576-6035, you might be able to get more detail now, it’s only a week away.

      1. Dennis says:

        Kate replied this am:

        “I am not involved with the Garfield Street Fair. I am the chair for Freddie Fest a festival in Frederickson happening on August 17th at Sound Life Church.”

  2. Oops, two Kate’s ! Try this one…

    From: KateEmanuel-French []
    Hello Marianne-We got a recommendation from your sister,Judy,to contact you about our Parkland Garfield Street Fair and Car Show,which will be on Sat.,Aug.17th,2013,from 10am to 5pm,(details and map are listed on the handbills and poster),.Thought it would be good to get word out to suburban and rural areas,through your on-line news,if possible,Please reply,Thanks,Kate,GSBA Secr.

  3. Dennis says:

    Oops, Kate Emanuel is telling deceptive lies! She does not give a link to the handbill and poster that supposedly list the “details.” They list, “Live Music by:,” eight bands. Details? The bands will not play in the order they are listed. They do not give the time each band will play. I’ve learned that one band has dropped out.

    I emailed Elizabeth Johnson of the GSBA (Garfield Street Business Association) asking when the bands will play, and she emailed back on Mon. the 12th: “Strangely Alright @ 10:30 am Mt Hwy Bluegrass @ 11:30.” Those are the only two bands she gave times for. But, I’ve since learned that those times are not true. She also wrote, “mostly folk & bluegrass with some rock as well.” Is that true? Mostly? Some?

    Why is it that, if the GSBA wants, “to get (sic) word out,” to the public about their street fair, that they don’t give a damn to give the public a correct schedule of their live music events?

    So, Kate, Elizabeth, somebody, what is the correct schedule of the live bands who will play at your street fair?

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