Doug Carlson appointed to Franklin Pierce School Board

PARKLAND, WA — At the end of the meeting, following a late executive session, the Franklin Pierce School Board chose Doug Carlson, 47, the Pierce College Health Education Center Operations Manager to fill the vacant seat left by the resignation of Director Reva Palmer. Carlson has a wife and four chidren ages 19, 16, 14 and 12.

Doug Carlson is congratuated by the board members after his selection to fill Reva Palmer's open seat
Doug Carlson is congratulated by the board members after his selection to fill Reva Palmer’s open seat

Tonight’s Franklin Pierce School Board meeting began at 6 p.m. with interviews of the two candidates, Doug Carlson and Lori Curtis. Both candidates had experience in various areas of the education system and Board President Cole Roberts noted this as the decision was presented.

In other actions, the board passed it’s 2013-14 Amended Budget and a couple of interlocal cooperative agreements for services. Salary schedules for Professional-Technical Personnel and for Certificated and Classified Administrators were accepted.

The district is surplusing 88 presentation carts due to the installation of learning walls at Brookdale, Central Avenue, Harvard and James Sales Elementaries. Th new learning walls are interactive computer devices and will greatly enhance the teachers ability to present information to the classroom.

Dr. Hewins shows of giant beans from the district garden
Dr. Hewins shows off giant beans from the district garden

Due to new Federal School Nutrition requirements, they adopted new prices for school lunches. When you raise the quality and offerings on the student’s plates, there is a cost. Bethel School District also raised their meal prices due to the Federal changes. While discussing the changes, Dr. Hewins held up two gigantic beans from the Franklin Pierce Farm site. The district worked with legislators recently to get law revisions so the items from the farm’s garden could be incorporated into the district nutrition program.

Before closing the regular meeting, the Board accepted a proposal to name the Washington High School Cafeteria after retiring longtime employee, Tom Sulfano who has 42 years of service in the district. Superintendent Dr. Frank Hewins noted, “Sometimes we have great employees that have exceptional longevity.”

Another administrator lamented, “His institutional knowledge is missed already.”

Congratulations on the newly named, Tom Sulfano Cafeteria at Washington High School.

The board also approved the negotiated Franklin Pierce Education Association agreement, averting any concerns of protracted negotiations into the school year or any teacher’s strike. School is set to start on-time August 27.

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