SR507 reopend at East Gate around 9pm

ROY, WA — The Twitter feed from WSP Trooper Guy Gil noted that SR507 was reopened around 9 p.m. this evening following the tragic one car accident that killed the driver and critically injured the passenger.

The black Corvette was travelling at a high rate of speed, hit a tree when the driver lost control.  The car split in two. The Trooper’s Twitter feed has photos of the mangled car, damaged tree and the upside down position the two parts where the Corvette ended up.

@wspd1pio is the Twitter site for Trooper Guy Gill, the Washington State Patrol Public Information Officer for the area. If you have access, take a look and remind your kids and friends that cars are deadlier than guns.

If any of you know about trees. It will likely be a fatality as well. The accident appears to have girdled it.


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  1. mike phelps says:

    Rip Alex Sherrelle, love you bro.

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