SR507 closed both ways for evening fatality accident at East Gate

ROY, WA — There was one death and another hospitalized with critical injuries after a one-car rollover crash around 6 p.m. on state Route 507 near East Gate Road. The car was a 1996 Corvette heading north on SR507. It lost control and hit a tree.

The driver of the car died at the scene. his passenger was critically injured.

The highway is closed both directions currently for an investigation.

We will update as information becomes available.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Today was the day I will never forget. I was one on of the people to help with this wreck before the ambulance came. The drivers heartbeat was there for a few minutes but I slowly felt it fade away in my hand. I am so sorry for the drivers family. This has caused alot of pain to me and I know it caused a million times more pain for the family and friends of This man. i found his wallet looked at his ID and set it on his lap with a phone. I’m very thankful one man lived but very sorry for his condition. This is tragic. I wish I could of done more to save the driver. My heart is with the families<3 xoxo may his soul rest in piece

    1. Wanda Paetz says:

      Thank you for your help. Alex was the drivers name. Alex had just left his mothers house and was on his way home. He and my son were very close friends. He was one of those kids that you gave him the open door to call home. We are in silence and feeling a great emptiness within. Again, thank you!

      1. We are sorry for your loss. Let the family know they are welcome to submit an obituary to the We print them without charge so they can be more comprehensive.

      2. Tina says:

        The report about Alex not wearing a seat belt is in correct. I personally removed his seat belt to administer CPR.

  2. wanda says:


    Thank you so very much for your letting us know. Most of all, thank you for helping Alex. He was a good kid. He had just bought a home and a new truck. The car he was driving had belonged to his father that passed about a year ago. There are so many articles with all different versions. It is sad to read what people have actually said with comments to this. My son and I are still without words and still in silence. The emptiness that we have cannot be explained with words. A part of us is gone.

    1. Wanda, so sorry for your loss. May wonderful memories and great friends give you some comfort at this difficult time.
      I drove the road then next day and saw the location. That turn sometimes catches me off guard, I sometimes wonder why they haven’t smoothed it out some.

      1. wanda says:

        Thank you for your kindness of the heart. His obituary has been posted today with his services to be held on Thursday. I lived in Yelm for 17 years and know the dangers of that road as it has taken so many lives. Alex and my son had gone out to his mom’s the week before in that corvette and the worry got the best of me calling the cell phone several times trying to keep their attention, at the same time taking it away, to the dangers of the road. I had just spoke to Alex to days prior telling him to slow down that being in a hurry would only end with bad results. His reply, “yeah I know”, and a smile behind it. It hurts to think that I am thankful my son wasn’t with him that day and feel like I am wrong for it, but I really am thankful. Once again thank you for your kind words.

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