What community do you live in?

PIERCE COUNTY, WA — Do you live in an unincorporated area of Pierce county? Chances are your US mail address does not accurately reflect the community in which you live.

You may have a Puyallup, Spanaway or Graham address, but actually live in Frederickson. Half of the people in Spanaway have Tacoma addresses. Elk Plain might be called Spanaway or Graham. South Hill is called Puyallup. The Lacamas area is in a Roy address. It is confusing even to those who have lived here a long time. Worse yet, for those with longer memories areas like Loveland, Leber and Thrift are places too. They don’t have identities in the county community planning.

To help you identify with which community you actually live in, we have created a modified map from the Pierce County GIS system.



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  1. Kelly says:

    Growing up, I always thought I lived in Spanaway, even though I had a Tacoma zip code. Turns out, I was actually a Fredericksonian. Who knew? Now, I’m Parklandinavian, but still with a Tacoma zip code.

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