Whistleblowing for safety – what would you do?


By Marianne Lincoln
Story out recently: OSHA Weaknesses Force Workers to Choose: Report Safety Violations, or Keep Their Jobs?
The mission of the “pro-business” lobby is to save companies money by not having to “fix” the details that make workers safer. We need legislators and Congress people who will take heed to make this work. Unfortunately in this Tea party world of stripping the government of its money and powers, it won’t happen.
When I was a kid in the 1960’s, there was a growing tendency to use the taunt… “tattletale.” Even then, I was concerned that this would be a problem with my generation. Exacerbated by the ‘60’s drug generation, where there is a definite code of silence, it is now too pervasive that people should shut up and put up with it. This is not good because it leads to great opportunities to abuse people.
Where are…

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