Oops, there goes your house by the lake…

By Marianne Lincoln

Pierce County is proposing to adopt a significant change to the rules and regulations that affect Spanaway Lake and its associated creeks. This change is being implemented by the creation and passage of the Shoreline Master Program.DSC_5953

The proposed Shoreline Master program would change the existing setbacks to buffers.  The difference is that in a setback permitted uses such as gazebos, decks, landscaping, walkways or any other man-made use can be permitted.  They are not permitted in a buffer. In essence if you live on the lake, say goodbye to your use of the waterfront and all non-natural landscaping within 75 feet of the lake.

The proposed lake buffers were driven by recommendations from the state Department of Ecology, said Debby Hyde, of Planning and Land Services of Pierce County.

Meetings are already being held locally by planners, local property owners and public officials. There is a considerable amount of concern by those with large, expensive homes that are very close to the lake and how this may affect and future improvements to their homes, sidewalks, decks and docks. The government will call these things non-conforming uses once they pass this regulation. As more meetings are organized, and documents are created for your edification, the Post will let you know.

Here is a link to the State website on the Shoreline Master Programs and non-conforming use.

These changes are also going to have a huge impact on homes around Lake Tapps. This plan contains serious and complicated property rights restrictions. The Lake Tapps Community Council has been taking a hard look at this as well.

Here is a story on the Lake Tapps meetings from the News Tribune.

We’ll be looking in to Tule Lake and the possible impacts to home vales and the effect ont he school district. Did we mention the word, “Takings” yet?

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