Bethel Board meeting highlights, January 14

There’s a new catch phrase in education, if you are listening only casually, you might miss the meaning and implications. The term is “Blended Learning.” At Tuesday’s Bethel School Board meeting, a presentation was given by the committee responsible for its study and implementation. Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or pace.

Did you say, what? How about, a combination of regular classroom plus high-tech online learning.DSC_3375

Three Bethel school s are pilot sites, Spanaway Elementary, Spanaway Middle School and Spanaway Lake High School. Six teachers have been the initial pilot classrooms and were outfitted with various types of technology to explore methods of blended learning. Jerred Erikson, SLHS Social Studies, Alan PanKau, SLHS CTE-Graphic Design, Laura Handy, SMS, Humanities, Kim Meline, SMS Science/Math, Lois Trapp, SE, 5th grade, Charity Stern, SE, 3rd grade. This will expand in future semesters. It’s a new world full of ways to learn, Bethel is trying to keep pace.

Later in the Board Meeting, the directors were introduced to this year’s Daffodil Princesses, Connie Smith from Spanaway Lake, Megan Chabot from Bethel and Casey Park from Graham-Kapowsin.

Shawn Sandvig, a member of the Bethel maintenance team was recognized with the “Big Shoes to Fill” trophy for his commitment to the early morning jazz band program.

There was a brief time to honor the board members as January is officially school board appreciation month.

Policy changes are coming for several policies 1630 Evaluation of the Superintendent, 2121 Substance Abuse, 3211 Transgender Students, 3231 Student Records, 3414 Infectious Diseases,  and 3436 Pediculosis Infestations.

Policy 3219 was updated. It is the policy on nondiscrimination.

At the end of the month, January 26-27, the administrators and board members from all the school districts around the state will convene in Olympia for a legislative conference and a chance to visit the legislators who represent them.

The Bethel Art and Tech Fair is January 25 at Spanaway Lake High School.

Project Homeless Connect will be held at Spanaway Middle School on January 25 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.






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