Halfway between Spanaway & South Hill…

… is called Frederickson. Join in!

Frederickson Clover Creek Community Council

Regular Monthly Membership MeetingFCCCCLogo

Saturday, June 21, 2014 – 9AM

Christ Community Baptist Church, 8016 176th St. E.


I. Welcome and Call to Order – Dean Absher – Vice President

II. Guest Speaker – Ryan Baskett – Chief – Graham Fire & Rescue

III. Approval of the Minutes of May 17, 2014 – John Marshall – Secretary  Approval

IV. Reports

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Dick Thurston  Approval
  2. Correspondence   Discussion
  3. Events Committee – Mike Goodell & Paul Cusato Update
  4. Sponsors & Vendors   Update
  5. Friends of Stan & Joan Cross Park –Paul Cusato Update
  6. LUAC – Michele Barber Update
  7. Media – Jarrett Mattson Update

V. Old Business

A. 501c3 progress Update

B. FCCCC Liability Insurance Update

VI. New Business

  1. Nomination of Officers – President, Secretary, & Sergeant @ Arms
  2. Vote

VII. Good of the Order

VII. Adjournment – Please join us for Brunch at Ricky J’s Restaurant and Lounge

Next regular membership meeting will be July 19, 2014

Members of the Public are always welcome at our meetings.


Minutes from the May meeting:


Vice President Dean Absher Called the Meeting to Order and introduced our Guest Speakers State Senator Steve Conway and State Representative Steve Kirby, both from the 29th Legislative District representing a portion of Frederickson generally West of Canyon Rd.


Representative Kirby started off by introducing himself and giving a short biography. He was born and raised and currently resides in South Tacoma. He was elected to the Tacoma City Council in 1977 at the age of 25. After serving 4 terms, he ran for State Representative and began serving his first term there in 2000. He has already served 7 terms and now running unopposed for his 8th term. He chairs the Business & Financial Services Committee in the State House of Representatives and is currently employed at Harbor Stone Credit Union. Steve also serves on the Government Accountability and Judiciary Committees.

Senator Conway introduced himself and gave his short biography explaining that he was born and raised in a small Oregon town. He settled in Tacoma in 1980 and worked as the business agent for the United Food and Commercial Worker’s Union Local 81 and now is enjoying retirement. Senator Conway entered politics 22 years ago and served the first 18 years as the State Representative for the 29th District. The last 4 years he has been the Senator for the 29th District. He is the Ranking Member for the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. He also serves on the Senate Ways and Means Committee and on the Veteran’s and Military Affairs Committee. He works to try to get Veterans’ access to jobs and training.

Both men stressed that they want to help our community in any way they can. They described how they tried, with the help of many of their colleagues to acquire State funding that would have provided Cross Park with all of the Final Design and Plans necessary to have a shovel ready project. In doing so, it would be a tremendous help for the Friends of Stan and Joan Cross to go out and procure funding from private foundations. The appropriation for Cross Park, and all other appropriations were axed from this year’s budget. Both men vowed to bring this vital appropriation back next year.

They answered questions from those present for about an hour. They fielded questions about the lack of sidewalks, sewers, roads, parks, transit, motorcycle training fund, the Cross Base Highway, Conservation Futures, and the need for increased limits on the low income property tax deduction. Both expressed a really willingness to help and encouraged those of us present to contact them. They seemed surprised that a community like ours and classified as Urban, seemed to be lacking some basic urban services.


Copies of the March meeting minutes were made available to those present. Dick Thurston made a motion to approve the March minutes. John Marvin seconded the motion.

ACTION: Unanimous approval


Dick Thurston reported an April 30th ending balance of $1856.87. A motion to approve was made by John Marvin and seconded by Jim Wilson.

ACTION: Unanimous approval


John Marshall read of a list of people and businesses that he has contacted since the last meeting. No other Officers offered any other correspondence.


Mike Goodell thanked all who participated in the Eggstravaganza. He thought that the Event went well in spite of the rain that shortened festivities. Mike explained that our next event is our Free Family Outdoor Movie Night on June 27th. Mike asked for someone to volunteer to be the Emcee at the event with no one in attendance seeming to want to be that person. Mike also gave an explanation of Events committee coming to an understanding that would rearrange the layout and hopefully give a better flow to the event. Mike also put out a plea for students needing Community Service Credits to help at the Chili Challenge. (So, have your kids or grandkids call Mike) He also talked about the group of judges for the Chili Challenge and wondered if our Guest Speakers might be candidates. He listed off other potential judges and Dean Absher volunteered to be removed from this year’s judges.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Dean Absher serves on the Central Pierce Advisory Board and stated that Central Pierce wanted to thank Frederickson voters for approving their last levy. Central Pierce has a Level #2 rating – just one step below cities like Seattle has. This helps keep fire protection rates low, thus saving money on property owners insurance premiums. He also stated that Central Pierce does transport patients to area hospitals regardless of their ability to pay. Apparently there have been some misconceptions about medical transport. John Marvin gave an example of a burglary in his neighborhood. One neighbor went on vacation, didn’t notify any of his neighbors, someone broke in and cleaned the place out. John thought that this could have been avoided if only that neighbor would have mentioned that he/they were going to be out of town for a period of time.


Joan Cross gave a report on the Park funding process. Pierce County claims that they need to hold public meetings at the cost of maybe $50,000 in order to go after State Wildlife Grants. According to Joan, the County now seems willing to make that investment. Joan also pleaded with folks to attend the Realize 2030 meeting May 22nd @ The Central Maintenance Facility here in Frederickson. These series of meetings are designed to update the County’s Comprehensive Plan as well as the Frederickson Community Plan. She stressed that this is the time for all to tell County Officials that we need a Park built in Frederickson. People can go on line and signup for weekly Q&A by Googling Realize 2030.

Paul Cusato mentioned that he and a group of people have met with Lenny and his students at Challenger High, turned over much of the ingredients for the students to prepare for our May 30th Spaghetti Feed. Paul wanted to thank the James Hardie Building Products Company for their substantial monetary contribution, Medallion Foods for their generous pasta contribution, and Umqua Bank for their Ice Cream donation.


Michele Barber gave an overview of the LUAC activities including their contribution to Realize 2030 and the Frederickson Community Plan Updates. She summarized the last LUAC meeting, indicated that there will not be a meeting this month and that next month’s LUAC will deal with updates to the community plan. Michele introduced Kerry Hooks another new member to the Frederickson LUAC. Terry Hurd indicated that he has already been interviewed and is awaiting confirmation by the County Executive and the County Council. Dean Absher has or is reapplying for the LUAC and he hopes to be confirmed and join the LUAC again in July. Michele stressed that items including the Cross Base Highway, the Cross Park, The Town Center, and our infrastructure deficiencies should be spelled out in our updated plan.


Treasurer Dick Thurston explained that we have received a letter from Congressman’s Hecks office regarding our 501c3 problem. Dick explained that the IRS made several changes and that he will resubmit the same information and the fee to get us reinstated. Dean suggested that we resubmit via Congressman’s Hecks office. By doing so we might get better tracking and faster more reliable service.

Dick says that he is still working on FCCCC Liability Insurance. He said that he is still working thru Linda Bennit @ Brown and Brown. When asked about purchasing insurance on line like Nilsen Everson does for Cross Park, Dick indicated that Nilsen gets the Cross group insurance on line for about $150 per event, and by going thru Brown and Brown, it will work out about the same.


The following people were nominated:

For President     Jim Wilson

For Secretary     Kerry Hooks

For Sgt@Arms   Mike Goodell

Nominations will also be taken from the floor at June’s monthly meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

John Marshall

FCCCC Secretary



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