Roads & Ferries – Transportation Survey

The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) has just released a new survey that will be used to guide state decision making on the future funding of our roads, bridges and ferries. We are at a critical cross road and these decisions will impact us all directly, so please take a minute to complete the survey below:

Start Survey

The problem we face as a state: as vehicles become more fuel efficient or use alternative fuel sources, gas tax revenues for our roads, bridges and ferries declines – all while our transportation needs continue to grow across the state. There are no easy solutions, but one thing is clear: our continued reliance on the gas tax as our main source of funding for transportation needs is not sustainable long-term. Your input on this survey will help determine what kinds of potential changes will be considered and the impact those changes will have on your household.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. For your convenience, you may start/stop the survey and pick up where you left off whenever it is convenient for you.

Your participation is greatly appreciated and valued!

Dan O’Neal, Chairman Washington State Transportation Commission


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