Council clarifies intent of ban on overnight tractor-trailer parking


The Pierce County Council voted Tuesday, July 22, to clarify that a new ordinance is intended to ban overnight parking by tractor-trailers, not other large vehicles.

Astute constituents realized that legislation approved on July 15 had unintentionally restricted more than just semi trailers, but by the weight designation had also included larger work vehicles, such as Ford F350s and other super-duty type trucks. Many of them contacted the County Council.

By law, a council member who votes on the prevailing side of a passing proposal can call for reconsideration of the measure, allowing for it to be amended. The original bill, Ordinance 2014-49S, was sponsored by 3rd District Councilman Jim McCune, who called for the reconsideration.

As amended Tuesday on a 6-1 vote, Ordinance 2014-49S will ban commercial semi drivers from parking their trailers in the public right of way in designated residential areas between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Violating the ban after it takes effect in August will result in $175 fines by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

The measure now goes to the County Executive, who has 10 days after she receives it to sign or veto the measure.

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