Explosion and fire near Spanaway Lake

Dan Fox reported on his Facebook page today that there was an explosion and fire in a home near Spanaway Lake Tuesday afternoon. Central Pierce Fire and Rescue responded, but  the house just to the east also caught fire due to the intensity of the blaze. His house was next-door to the west. No one was hurt thankfully. The cause appeared to be the car inside the garage catching fire and setting off the gas tank.

In Dan’s words:

We were rocked by an explosion next door to our house today as the house went up in flames. Apparently the car caught on fire inside the garage which eventually reached the gas tank and exploded. The resulting fire quickly spread to the next house down the street from us. Pierce Fire responded to this two-alarm fire and rapidly brought the fires under control, but not before these two homes suffered severe damage. Thankfully our house remains untouched but could just as easily have been burned.

Update . . . I found out the fire started in the electrical panel in the garage; burned the wires which caught the wall on fire and then caught the car on fire. Our neighbor’s are working with their fire insurance companies and will re-build, but it will be a long slow process.


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  1. arlene. I says:

    Where about near the lake?

    1. North end, 153rd St & 15th Ave South

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