Puget SoundCorps to help restore urban forest near Spanaway Creek


A Puget SoundCorps crew will remove English ivy and Himalayan blackberry from trees in Pierce County’s Bresemann Forest starting Aug. 4. Getting rid of these invasive plants will improve the health of the trees and the adjacent Spanaway Creek.20140608_122308

Pierce County obtained the Puget SoundCorps’ assistance through the Urban Forestry Restoration Project, administered by Washington State Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) Urban and Community Forestry Program. This program improves forests to help manage stormwater and clean air and water.  The crew will work on the Bresemann Forest restoration project for three weeks.

“Trees provide many benefits and help keep our streams, rivers and Puget Sound clean,” says Micki McNaughton, DNR special project coordinator. “In removing invasive plants, this team will keep our trees and waterways healthy.”

Invasive non-native plants, such as English ivy and Himalayan blackberry, can threaten the health of forests. In competing for water and nutrients, they “crowd out” native plants and even kill trees. After these unwelcome plants are gone, the trees will grow stronger.

“We value the Puget SoundCorps’ efforts in restoring urban forests,” says Dan Wrye, Pierce County Public Works and Utilities water quality and watersheds manager. ”Last year, a crew removed invasive plants from Swan Creek Park. We look forward to partnering with them on this Spanaway Creek project.”

For more information

Trees. Learn more about Bresemann Forest and trees and urban forests in our community. Find out how to remove English ivy: www.ivyout.org


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