Garfield Street Fair Booth Changes

PARKLAND, WA — This is to notify vendors for the Garfield Street Fair on Saturday of a major change. The change will effect several of the vendors. The permit we received from Pierce County to use Park Avenue was revoked last night due to some technicality. Thus, we are not able to use the vendor spaces planned for on park Avenue. We are making the following changes (see attached PDF map). Vendor booth assignment list is provided in case you forgot which space you are in.

Spaces 1 through 64 do not change and are in the middle of Garfield Street.

Spaces 65A through 102 are changed as follows:  The Jump house is now in spaces 99-102 which is in the parking lot corner of Garfield and Park Avenue.

The squares of 4 will remain as before except you will now be along the edge of the parking lot where the car show is being held. The odd numbers will be on the sidewalk for Garfield Street and facing towards the street. The even numbered spaces will be on the edge of the parking lot and facing the car show.

The mighty dog food sales will be in vendor parking lot next to Marzanos. The Food and Fire truck will be on the corner of the vendor parking lot.

The fire department fire truck will be end of Garfield Street and the Parkland Light truck and booth will be in corner of car show parking lot.

There is bound to be some confusion due to this change and vendors going into the car show area to unload their vehicle. Try to unload as quickly as possible and move to the vendor parking lot. We are expecting about 80 vehicles for the car show. Try to arrived early as we will start setting up at 7 am. Once again, please enter off Park Avenue and exit at Garfield Street so traffic will flow in one direction.

You must be set up by 9 am for the fire marshal inspection. If you do not have no smoking signs we will be providing them. Also, do not forget to vote in  the car show. I will be giving out tickets. Turn them in and you will be entered into a drawing with first prize being $45.00 and 2nd prize a cash register. There will be a couple of other smaller prizes also – so get out and vote. The drawing for the winner will be held at the information booth sometime between 4 and 5 pm.

Any questions email me. I am sorry if this change puts you close to a competing type of business but I did not have time to change booth assignments. It will all work out well and in past years we have used the sidewalk for vendors. We should have enough staff to help direct you to you spaces Saturday morning.


Jim Eggleston, vendor Coordinator

Cell: (253) 468-7668


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