Graham Kapowsin selects Bailee Towns as Daffodil Princess for 2015

DSC_1334GRAHAM, WA — The cool crisp evening of October 29, six lovely young ladies from Graham Kapowsin High School dressed their finest and presented themselves with poise and grace. The room was filled with friends, family,  Daffodilians in yellow blazers  and other princesses in their tiaras. Each princess candidate was introduced by their escort, handsome young men also from GK High School.

Roma Seal was escorted by Jed Bateman, Kaitlyn Heller was escorted by Jaron Moore, Erika Query was escorted by Travis Carrigan, Sophia Rodriguez was escorted by Montgomery Potter, Jennifer Walker was escorted by Garrett Porter and Bailee Towns was escorted by Karl Stallman.

Master of Ceremonies for the even was Elijah Porter and Festival Director Steven James was on hand to officiate.

Congratulations to everyone for stepping up and taking this opportunity to shine. A special congratulations to the new Princess, Bailee Towns.




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