Spanaway Lake – The few are making a difference

November 8, 2014

To: Spanaway Lake Residents

From: The Spanaway Lake Property Owners’ Action Group

Subject: Update per SMP: DOE & Pierce County Council…”The voice of few CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”


Dear SL Property Owners,

As you may recall over this past year, the Department of Ecology and Pierce County Council have been in multiple discussions i.e. Council meetings, community input gatherings, etc., regarding the shoreline management update required by the DOE (per RCW 90.58.030).

A small group (Chuck & Sherry Haviland, Jessie Richards, Victoria Lincoln, Pat & Linda Heade, Al Anderson, Jim Overway, Gary Grazzini, & Amy Cruver) of dedicated and hard working Spanaway Lake property owners heard your concerns voiced during the multiple community meetings held at Spanaway Elementary School and PLU regarding the County Council’s amendments to the Shoreline Management Plan specific to our lake. All concerns were researched, thoroughly discussed, resulting in a 9-page document crafted by this small group to present to the Department of Ecology (Gordon White & Tim Gates) and members of the Council on August 25, 2014, at the County-City Bldg (this document is attached).

Actions To Date (as a result of the Aug. 25 meeting/items presented):

*Early September: Jim McCune and Amy Cruver toured Spanaway Park with Tom & Jessie Richards, property owners. This tour was a fact-finding mission on Jim’s part to understand the complexities of any buffer zone & vegetation amendments, as well as inspect the park’s surface water drainage. Improvements by the county to this surface water drainage system continue.   It was shared that our group meeting on the 25th was effective and took pressure off of the Pierce County Council to meet the original date of Aug. 30, 2014, for the completion/approval of the Pierce County SMP.  THIS IS A MAJOR VICTORY (be it short-term) FOR ALL OF US!

*September 4, 2014:   Lake property owners should have received a post card from Pierce County Public Works noting that this agency will be collecting water samples. County staff will use this data and historical data to develop a draft for the Spanaway Lake Shoreline Management Plan in the coming year.

*November 6, 2014: Per an email to Jessie Richards from Wendy Kruse, Pierce County Surface Management Water Quality Specialist III, the water quality sampling will begin on Oct., 28, 2014, with data made available in early 2015. The county asks lake residents to note the locations of water sampling, the dates, and any observable water fowl in the immediate area of collection. If you happen to notice this activity, please email your information directly to Jessie Richards (

*December 2016: As noted in Wendy Kruse’s email of Nov. 6, “Work on Spanaway Lake Management Plan has been extended to December 2016, to allow county staff and residents to continue developing the plan to protect, preserve, and improve the water quality of Spanaway Lake.”

In closing, regardless of what the various agencies are publishing/communicating…we must stay vigilant and in contact with Jim McCune’s office, as well as with one another.   Pierce County Public Works water sampling and the state Department of Ecology are two very separate entities.


If you have questions/comments, please email either Jessie Richards or Linda Heade (



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