Triad Theater in Yelm – Holiday Calendar

Fri Nov 28th 7pm We are hoping to have Dugan come play at the Monthly Songwriters ShowcaseTriad Nov 28 2014 with his daughter. TBA. $5 donation

Sat  Nov 29th 6pm Conversations with Miceal! This month’s topic: LUST!!!!

More info on tickets go to

Sat Dec 6th   9am         The CHRISTMAS PARADE w the Triad in it!!!  9AM We are number 32!

Tues Dec 9th 7pm Scott Mowry’s Internet News Updates  (Miracles and Inspiration) on Current Events Not shown on Mainstream news.$10 donation at door

Sat Dec 13th 7pm The Return of Andrew Basiago Time Traveler...and surprise guest to Andrew, Sir Alfred Webre who will Skype to us from Vancover. Tickets: $25

Dec 14th The Magical True Story of St Nicolas.. A children’s event narrated  by RSE Student and famous St Nicolas of Yelm.

Dec 19th 7pm The Magical True Story of St Nicolas  (Advanced version)  presented by the St Nicolas himself, you will hear a fascinating history of the great Master who later became Sainted by the Catholic Church due to all his miracles.

This is a fund raiser for the Triad Theater so donations are greatly appreciated but not necessary. Please come. We will have Christmas caroling after the presentation and hot cider and cocoa and Christmas sweets for the occasion.

Dec 20: 7pm. The Yelm Community Orchestra and Chorale doing traditional Christmas Tunes!

Dec 23rd 7pm Scott Mowry’s Story of Christmas  A fascinating  history of the origins of the Christmas Tradition as only Scott can tell us. This is a colorful slide show and lecture. Also included will be the updates in latest news events that lead us to the new year of 2015.  Tickets  $10

Dec 25th 2pm and 5pm The Indie film: “The Immortalists”  2 Scientists… (seeking immortality or die trying).



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