Final – Graham Fire District M&O Levy PASSES


It needed 60% to pass. In the end it got 60.47%. A mere 69 votes has decided this election. A mere 69 votes has determined whether a traffic accident or a house fire or a medical emergency in the Graham area has a firefighter or a paramedic available to respond. This is not a commentary that can be mouthed by the public official representing the Fire District. No, they can only provide the facts.

The official can only give you the facts, not the emotional reality that those 69 votes stood between a life saved, a call answered or a fire put out in time to save 4 other houses or a two-year old trapped in a bedroom. No, that is emotion. The Fire Chief cannot tell you that. But that is the reality. Those 69 voters might just have saved your life. You, the one who will shortly have a traffic accident on Meridian and need to go to the hospital. You, the one who fell off the roof int he snow and broke his back. Now there will be those two more firefighters who were available to respond to your call. Yes, Graham, those 69 votes might just have saved your life.

Those 69 voted also helped your insurance rates. The financial stability of your fire district is directly related to the premiums you all pay for your homeowners policy. Your auto policy premiums are also based on the statistics on accidents and outcomes in your area. Yes, those 69 people didn’t raise your taxes, they saved  lives and lowered your premiums.

Graham, there’s more going on in the world around you than just your taxes. You can scream about them all day. But in the end, simply fretting your taxes is costing you. It’s short-sighted in the face of the things you lose by pinching that penny.

Fire District 21, bless you for all your do for your community. We are looking forward to all those you will save in the future, including any of  the 5783 that voted no.

Fire Protection District No. 21

Yes   8,847    60.47%

No    5,783    39.53%


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